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    Review: "God Help The Child" by Toni Morrison

    Yvonne Nolan reviews “God Help The Child” by Toni Morrison, which address issues of racism within the black community and the impact of childhood trauma (published by Chatto & Windus)


    "One Life" by Kate Grenville

    Kate Grenville talks about her latest book “One Life”, the story of her mother Nancy’s life (published by Canongate)


    IMPAC shortlist - "TransAtlantic" by Colum McCann

    Kay Sheehy with the sixth review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “TransAtlantic” by Colum McCann, a fictional family of inter-generational women set against the backdrop of three historic Irish journeys (Atlantic crossing by Alcock and Brown in 1919,1845 anti slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass lectures in Cork and in 1998 George Mitchell helps broker the Good Friday Agreement) (published by Random House)


    Publishers and new technology

    Evelyn O’Rourke spoke to Sarah Hodgson, editor of publisher Harper Collins about how they have adapted to new technology and the e-book side of their crime/thriller publishing business - Killer Reads; she also spoke to Irish writer Sheena Lambert about how she is taking the e-book direction in getting her work published

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    Review: graphic novel "La Lucha"

    Dave Hendrick reviews “La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico”, a graphic novel addressing the issue of the Mexican government’s war against drug cartels; it is the first in a line of graphic novels by human rights organisation Front Line Defenders (published by Verso Books)

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    IMPAC shortlist - “Horses of God” by Mahi Binebine

    Kay Sheehy with the fifth review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “Horses of God” by Mahi Binebine, the story of four childhood friends growing up in a shanty town in Morocco as they make the life-changing decisions that will lead them to become Islamist martyrs (published by Tin House Books)


    "World Gone By" by Dennis Lehane

    American crime writer Dennis Lehane talks about his latest novel “World Gone By”, the conclusion of the Joe Coughlin trilogy and the story of the struggle for power between Boston criminal gangs and a corrupt police force (published by Little Brown)


    “Life Moves Pretty Fast" by Hadley Freeman

    Hadley Freeman, author of “Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies and Why We Don’t Learn Them From Movies Anymore” (published by Fourth Estate)


    "Paradise City" by Elizabeth Day

    Elizabeth Day, author of “Paradise City”, the story of four London-based characters from very different backgrounds and how their lives in collide and affect one another in unexpected ways (published by Bloomsbury Circus)

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