Wednesday 12th October

"Sex & Death", a collection of short stories edited by Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs

Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs, editors of "Sex & Death", 20 short stories exploring the two most powerful and terrifying forces that define and shape the human experience

Tuesday 11th October

"Here I Am" by Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of "Here I Am" which is about the daily strains and trivialities that can both make and break a family and an examination of various forms of identity (parenthood, childhood, ...

Monday 10th October

"The Book Of Lost Things" by John Connolly

John Connolly explains why "The Book Of Lost Things" (his dark fairytale about a boy who, grieving for the loss of his mother, slips into a parallel world populated strange ...

Wednesday 5th October

Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds, author of "Shock And Awe - Glam Rock And Its Legacy, From The 70's to the 21st Century" 

Tuesday 4th October

"Louis MacNeice: In A Between World" by Christopher J Fauske

Christopher J Fauske, Professor of Communications at Salem State University, Massachusetts discusses his book "Louis MacNeice: In A Between World" (published by Irish Academic Press) .

"Resolution" by A.N. Wilson

A.N. Wilson, author of "Resolution", which tells the story of Captain Cook’s second voyage of discovery to the South Atlantic, Tahiti and New Zealand  through the eyes of a seventeen year ...

Monday 3rd October

Winner of the Francis MacManus Short Story Competition 2016

The winner of the Francis MacManus Short Story Competition 2016 - "The Speed of Light and How It Cannot Help Us"  by Chris Connolly. A story exploring the complicated nature of unconditional ...

"Ireland: The Autobiography" edited by John Bowman

Gerald Dawe talks about the book "Ireland: The Autobiography" edited by John Bowman, one hundred years in the life of the nation as told by it's people   

Friday 30th September

"Hostages" by Oisín Fagan

 Oisín Fagan chats about his debut collection of short stories set in rural Ireland,  "Hostages" (published by New Island Books)

Wednesday 28th September

Review: "Born To Run", the Bruce Springsteen autobiography

Alan Corr reviews the Bruce Springsteen autobiography “Born to Run” 



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