Tuesday 23rd June

Review: "Death and Mr Pickwick" by Stephen Jarvis

Darragh Downes reviews “Death and Mr Pickwick” by Stephen Jarvis, how a Victorian illustrator Robert Seymour created the character Mr Pickwick in a series of illustrated sketches but his publisher handed over the writing of accompanying stories to a young man with the pename Boz – Charles Dickens (published by Jonathan Cape)

Friday 19th June

"Here’s Me Here: Further Reflections of a Lapsed Protestant" by Glenn Patterson

Glenn Patterson talks about his latest book “Here’s Me Here: Further Reflections of a Lapsed Protestant”, a collection of his opinion journalism from various publications over the past 8 years (published by New Island Books)

Wednesday 17th June

Winner of 2015 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

Jim Crace, winner of this year’s International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for his novel “Harvest” (published by Picador)

Tuesday 16th June

IMPAC shortlist - "Burial Rites" by Hannah Kent

Kay Sheehy with the tenth (and final) review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent, based around the story of Agnes Magnusdottir who was the last woman to be executed in Iceland (published by Little Brown)

"Lifesaving Poems", an anthology from Bloodaxe Books

Anthony Wilson, editor of “Lifesaving Poems”, a new anthology published by Bloodaxe Books, specifically chosen with the belief in the healing and enriching power of poetry

Monday 15th June

Review: "It's A Long Story: My Life" by Willie Nelson

Tony Clayton Lea reviews “It’s A Long Story: My Life”, the autobiography of Willie Nelson (published by Sphere)

IMPAC shortlist - "Brief Loves That Live Forever" by Andrei Makine

Kay Sheehy with the ninth review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “Brief Loves That Live Forever” by Andrei Makine. As the dreary Brezhnev era in the Soviet Union gives way to Perestroika and the fall of Communism an orphan recalls fleeting moments that have never left him where lovers live as outlaws, traitors to the collective spirit (published by MacLehose Press)

Wednesday 10th June

Review: "Naked At The Albert Hall" by Tracey Thorn

Julie Feeney reviews “Naked At The Albert Hall: The Inside Story of Singing” by Tracey Thorn, an examination of the art of singing (published by Virago)

Tuesday 9th June

IMPAC shortlist - "Harvest" by Jim Crace

Kay Sheehy with the eighth review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “Harvest” by Jim Crace, set in a medieval English village as subsistence farming is forced to give way to wool production and a generation of peasant farmers are displaced (published by Picador)

"My Buried Life" by Doreen Finn

Doreen Finn talks about her debut novel “My Buried Life”, the story of an embittered poet who, after returning to her native Dublin following the death of her estranged mother, must confront her family’s long-held secrets (published by New Island)



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