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    Review: "Amnesia" by Peter Carey

    Sinead Gleeson reviews “Amnesia” by Peter Carey, as a world of hacking and corruption is exposed by ageing journalist Felix Moore (published by Faber & Faber)


    IMPAC shortlist - "Sparta" by Roxana Robinson

    Kay Sheehy with the second review of novels on the IMPAC shortlist – “Sparta” by Roxana Robinson, the story of a young man inspired by the ancient warriors of Sparta who joins the US marines just before 9/11 and spends four years serving in Iraq (published by Sarah Crichton Books)


    "The Organised Criminal" by Jarlath Gregory

    Jarlath Gregory chats about his book “The Organised Criminal”, about a young man who returns home to Crossmaglen and has to confront his father’s criminal past (published by Liberties Press)


    Review: "The Wolf Border" by Sarah Hall

    Yvonne Nolan reviews “The Wolf Border” by Sarah Hall, about a woman tasked with re-introducing the grey wolf into Britain’s Lake District (published by Faber)

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