Thursday 7th April

"Mexican Hooker #1" by Carmen Aguirre

Chilean writer Carmen Aguirre talks about her memoir “Mexican Hooker #1”, the harrowing and honest story of her life as a victim of child rape, an actress, playwright and author (published by Portobello Books)

Review: “Kill 'Em & Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown” by James McBride

Róisín Dwyer reviews a new biography of the godfather of soul James Brown – “Kill 'Em & Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown” by James McBride (published by Wiedenfeld and Nicolson)

Wednesday 6th April

Review: "Maestra" by L.S. Hilton

Declan Burke and Arlene Hunt review “Maestra” by L.S. Hilton, an erotic thriller about a young art worker travelling across Europe searching for the truth about a fraud at her London auction house, combined with lots of murder and graphic sex (published by Zaffre)

Tuesday 5th April

"Colours Other Than Blue" by Anthony Glavin

Anthony Glavin talks about his latest novel "Colours Other Than Blue", the story of a woman writing her diaries which helps her come to terms with the difficult relationship with her mother (published by Ward River Press)

Monday 4th April

Review: "Hot Milk" by Deborah Levy

Sinead Gleeson reviews “Hot Milk” by Deborah Levy, the story of a woman who goes to a Spanish clinic to find out what is wrong with her legs, taking her daughter/carer with her (published by Hamish Hamilton)

Friday 1st April

Review: "The Drowned Detective" by Neil Jordan

Eithne Shorthall reviews “The Drowned Detective” by Neil Jordan, set in an unnamed eastern European city where an Englishman who has moved there with his wife sets up a private detective agency and is hired to find a missing child (published by Bloomsbury)

Wednesday 30th March

"Bishop's Delight" by Patrick McGinley

Patrick McGinley chats about his novel “Bishop’s Delight”, a crime thriller about a disappearance of the Taoiseach and the attempts by a political journalist to find out what has happened to his friend (published by New Island Books)

Thursday 24th March

"The Heart of Everything" by Henrietta McKervey

Henrietta McKervey chats about her latest novel “The Heart of Everything”,  the story of a mother who disappears after learning she has early-stage dementia and whose disappearance forces her three grown children to come together in their search for their missing mother (published by Hachette Books Ireland)

Wednesday 23rd March

"Children's Children" by Jan Carson

Jan Carson talks about her debut collection of short stories “Children’s Children”, set in post-conflict Northern Ireland and exploring the role of the family within a society (published by Liberties Press)

Tuesday 22nd March

“Showbands and All That Jazz: Memoirs of an Irish Drummer” by Des Hopkins

Des Hopkins, author of “Showbands and All That Jazz: Memoirs of an Irish Drummer” which chronicles his career playing with various Irish showbands (published by Hihat Publishing)



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