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    Crime writing and the Dublin Book Festival

    Crime writers Alex Barclay and Jason Johnson who are taking part in a ‘Crime In The City’ panel discussion as part of this year’s Dublin Book Festival

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    "High Dive" by Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee, author of “High Dive”, a fictionalised account of the IRA bombing of the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton in 1984 (published by William Heinemann)


    "The Japanese Lover" by Isabel Allende

    Isabel Allende chats about her latest novel “The Japanese Lover”, set in an old folks home where one old lady – Alma – tells about her life as a Polish refugee in America during World War II and her secret love with a Japanese boy (published by Scribener)


    New literary magazine "Freeman's"

    Sinead Gleeson reviews the new bi-annual literary magazine/anthology of new writing “Freeman’s”, established by editor John Freeman (former editor-in-chief of Granta)

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