Friday 2nd September

"Proof" by Martina Reilly

Martina Reilly chats about her latest novel “Proof”, a drama about the lives of two friends from a fictional town outside Dublin and a traumatic moment from their past that ...

Thursday 1st September

“Minds Of Winter” by Ed O'Loughlin

Ed O’Loughlin chats about his latest novel “Minds Of Winter”, a story which revolves around the search for a mysterious chronometer lost during the Franklin Expedition to discover the Northwest ...

Tuesday 30th August

"Hide" by Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin talks about his debut novel “Hide”, the story of two men who meet at the end of World War II and quietly live as a married couple in ...

Monday 29th August

“The Constant Soldier” by William Ryan

William Ryan chats about his latest novel “The Constant Soldier”, set in a rest camp for SS officers in an idyllic village in Poland in 1944 (published by Mantle)

Review: “The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers: When the Screaming Stops” by Simon Spence

Tony Clayton Lea reviews “The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers: When the Screaming Stops” by Simon Spence (published by Omnibus Press)

Thursday 25th August

Review: “The Lauras” by Sara Taylor

Sinead Gleeson reviews “The Lauras” by Sara Taylor, about a young teenager and her mother leaving a bad marriage so they take to the road; it’s a journey through the ...

Wednesday 24th August

"The Comet Seekers" by Helen Sedgwick

Helen Sedgwick talks about her debut novel “The Comet Seekers”, about an Irish woman and a French man who find love at a comet research base in Antarctica (published by ...

Tuesday 23rd August

Review: “All That Man Is” by David Szalay

Donal O’Donoghue reviews “All That Man Is” by David Szalay, nine short stories about men and their relationships with the world around them, a meditation on what it means to ...

Thursday 18th August

"The Trout" by Peter Cunningham

Peter Cunningham, author of “The Trout”, a story about a retired schoolteacher in Ontario forced to confront long-suppressed traumatic memories of his childhood in Ireland in the 1950’s (published by ...

Wednesday 17th August

Review: “Heroes Of The Frontier” by Dave Eggers

Yvonne Nolan reviews “Heroes Of The Frontier” by Dave Eggers, about a mother and her two children who run from their problems in Ohio to settle in the wilds of ...



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