IRP Made Easy

All forms must be submitted as hard copies to:

Radio Centre,
Dublin 4

PDF (English)

PDF (Gaeilge)


We are delighted that you’re interested in submitting your programme making ideas to IRP and look forward working in fruitful collaboration with you. What follows is a ten-step guide to the IRP commissioning process.

• Step 1
Read the published COMMISSION SPECIFICATIONS and decide whether or not you wish to make a submission for consideration.

• Step 2
Register with IRP as a supplier. In order to do this you will need (a) to read REGISTERED SUPPLIER GUIDELINES (located under IRP GUIDELINES) and (b) to complete the IRP SUPPLIER REGISTRATION FORM and NEW VENDOR/SUPPLIER FORM (located under IRP FORMS). (c) Submit to IRP together with current Tax Clearance Cert and for Ltd Company Cert of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association.

• Step 3
If your application for IRP Registered Supplier Status is successful, you will receive notification from IRP and a registered supplier number by post. Please take note of this number as it will be used in subsequent dealings with the IRP. If you are unsuccessful, you will receive notification from IRP by post.

PLEASE NOTE: Only submissions from registered suppliers will be considered in independent commissioning rounds.

• Step 4
Read IRP’s INTERIM RADIO TERMS of TRADE and pro forma INTERIM INDEPENDENT COMMISSIONING AGREEMENT (located under IRP INTERIM TERMS OF TRADE and IRP INTERIM INDEPENDENT COMMISSIONING AGREEMENT). Acceptance of these documents is a universal condition for eligibility in IRP commissioning rounds.

• Step 5
Complete the IRP SUBMISSIONS FORM (see GUIDELINES TO THE IRP PROCESS in IRP GUIDELINES) and the IRP BUDGET FORM (see BUSINESS PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES in IRP GUIDELINES). These should be printed out, written up, signed and submitted to IRP

• Step 6
Return 5 paper copies to IRP stating your IRP REGISTERED SUPPLIER NUMBER to IRP, RTÉ RADIO, DONNYBROOK, DUBLIN 4 by midday on the closing date for applications.

PLEASE NOTE: No late submissions will be accepted.

• Step 7
IRP will send you written acknowledgement of your submission , stating a date by which all shortlisted applicants will by informed online.

• Step 8
All eligible applications will be assessed by the IRP selection committee. On the stated date, all shortlisted submissions will be published online on the IRP website. Unsuccessful applications will be notified in writing by IRP.

• Step 9
All shortlisted applications will be considered by genre specific IRP sub-committees working with clearly delineated selection criteria. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing by IRP. Successful applicants will receive a letter of interest. This letter will be subject to contract and will not constitute a final agreement to commission.

• Step 10
IRP will issue contracts to successful applicants and, upon return of a signed copy of the contract, will assign an editorial contact person within RTÉ to liaise with the independent production company in the execution of the commissioned project

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