Between Rounds Commissioning


On occasion, RTÉ may wish to commission programmes outside the commissioning round process.

Inter round commissions will be determined by the occurrence of particular events and/or the identification of particular schedule requirements with specific time frames for delivery.

Inter round commissions will be generated in two main ways. First, they will originate from the submission of programme ideas by independent producers to specific editors within the four RTÉ radio channels. Second, they will be generated by RTÉ making an approach to specific independent production companies with designated required skill sets to submit proposals to fulfil the conditions for inter round commissions outlined above.

All submissions for inter round commissions must be received in hard copy. Oral submissions and email submissions will not be regarded as formal proposals.

Formal inter round submissions will, in the first instance, be considered by the editor to whom the submission was made.

If the editor wishes to proceed with an inter round commission, he/she will forward the formal proposal together with a completed Request To Commission Between Rounds form to his/her channel head who, assuming approval of the proposed project, will sign off on the Request To Commission Between Rounds and return all the completed paper work to IRP.

IRP will then administer the submission as per the existing guidelines of the commissioning system.

NB: Only Registered Suppliers of IRP can be considered for commissioning (see General Guidelines to the IRP Commissioning Process

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