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Why Radio Rocks

2,995 million Adults 15+ living in Ireland tune into Radio every weekday. That's a huge 83% of the population listening everyday

Why Radio Rocks

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Radio is cost effective and efficient.

Low media and production costs, short leadtimes combined with minimal ad avoidance and a loyal listenership of over 4 hours every weekday makes radio an essential medium for promoting your brand. With radio you can target any consumer group from mass to more niche markets with all levels of spending power.

Radio is everywhere, it’s always there.

Consumers have a unique and personal relationship with the medium, they can relate and connect to it. Radio is engaging, entertaining, informative, dependable, trustworthy and immediate.

Radio is creative.

Radio ads have an emotional impact on consumers. They engage the listeners at the critical stage before consumer decisions occur. Through various formats from airtime to sponsorship and promotions to bespoke plans, specific creative solutions can be tailored to a client’s needs.

Radio advertising connects

It motivates, persuade, influence, initiate action and delivers results.

Radio with other media

“The multiplier effect” - Combine radio with other mediums as part of a cross media solution, engage customers on many different levels

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