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DRAGONS’ DEN A new batch of hopefuls try to part the Dragons from their cash.
THE MEANING OF LIFE WITH GAY BYRNE ***NEW SERIES*** With Gay Byrne turning eighty this August, The Meaning of Life begins its ninth series on 4th May with a very revealing interview with Majella O'Donnell.
FAIR CITY WEEK 19 Tommy's erratic behaviour unnerves Jane, Niamh struggles with her feelings for Michael while Jo and Dermot face a dilemma.
MASTERCHEF IRELAND ***FINAL*** Three cooks have made it to the MasterChef Ireland final, but only one can be crowned the winner.
THE MENTALIST When a masked intruder tries to kill Rigsby and Van Pelt, they travel to Austin and regroup with Lisbon and Jane.
THE ZOO This week, there's new babies on the mangabey island, it's feeding time for the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill chicks, and an Amur Tiger shows signs of a leg injury.
DES BISHOP : BREAKING CHINA Des and his friend Leo head off on a tour around China in search of the strange and unusual customs and cultures that make this amazing country so unique.
BLOOD RISING Incredibly moving and passionately angry, Mark McLoughlin’s film Blood Rising brings us right into the heart of a truly terrifying world.The Mexican city of Juárez is nicknamed ‘the capital of murdered women.’ Irish artist Brian Maguire has spent three years working with these women to bring their stories to the international community.