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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1.What devices is the RTÉ Player available on?
Ways to Watch RTÉ Player
Q2.What programmes can I watch on the RTÉ Player?
The programmes you can watch on the RTÉ Player are the ones for which video-on-demand rights have been acquired. More than 200 hours of programmes from all categories of the RTÉ broadcast schedule are available to view on RTÉ Player. Note for copyright reasons, some programmes cannot be viewed outside of Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
Q3.Can I watch programmes from other channels on the RTÉ Player?
Currently programmes broadcast on RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, RTÉ News Now and RTÉjr are available to watch RTÉ Player.
Q4.How soon after broadcast are programmes added to RTÉ Player?
We aim to make programmes available in the RTÉ Player shortly after broadcast . If a programme is not available the day after broadcast on RTÉ One and RTÉ Two, we may not have the rights to make it available on the RTÉ Player.
Q5.How long are the programmes available in the RTÉ Player for?
Most programmes are available for 21 days from the day they were broadcast on RTÉ One or RTÉ Two television. Other programmes, including the soaps Fair City, Home and Away and EastEnders , are available for 7 days. The length of time can vary, depending on the video-on-demand rights. The date that the programme is available until is shown clearly on the programme page.
Q6.Can I watch repeats of live sports events?
RTÉ’s most popular Sports programmes are available on RTÉ Player. Copyright and territorial restrictions mean that some programmes cannot be included in the RTÉ Player. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain rights for all sporting events for catch-up. We will continue to add new content and programmes as we acquire more rights.
Q7.Are Children's programmes available on RTÉ Player?
The RTÉ Player is a catch-up service which provides a wide variety of programmes from the RTÉ broadcast schedule. Most children's programmes are available on RTÉ Player in the category marked "RTÉjr, TRTÉ, Two Tube".
Q8.I live abroad – can I watch programmes on the RTÉ Player?
Due to rights restrictions, some programmes cannot be viewed outside of Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Overseas viewers can watch a selection of RTÉ programmes that are cleared for international audiences on RTÉ Player.
Q9.I live in Northern Ireland - can I access the RTÉ Player?
We endeavour to make as many programmes as possible available on the RTÉ Player to users within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In some cases, rights restrictions require that only users within the Republic of Ireland can view certain programmes. Access is therefore restricted using a technology called geo-blocking.
Q10.I see the international version of the RTÉ Player even though I am located in Northern Ireland. What is the reason for this?
If your ISP has issued an IP address that does not identify you as being located in Northern Ireland, then for copyright reasons you will be presented with the international version of the RTÉ Player. For more information see
Q11.Will the RTÉ Player work on my mobile phone or tablet?
RTÉ Player is currently available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Android devices running 4.0 or higher.
Q12.Will the RTÉ Player work on my modem/wireless/3G etc?
We recommend that you have a minimum broadband speed of at least 1Mbps. We advise you to contact your wireless/3G provider to find out what levels of service they can offer you.
Q13.Will the RTÉ Player work on my game console?
At present the RTÉ Player is available on the Xbox 360 games console.
Q14.Can I watch RTE Player on my TV?
Yes, if your computer or laptop supports TV or A/V output. Please refer to your computer manual about connecting it to a TV set. RTÉ Player is also available on UPC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and certain Samsung Smart TVs. AirPlay from the iOS app to Apple TV is also supported.
Q15.Is there a high quality video option?
RTÉ Player now uses HTTP Adaptive Streaming which allows the video stream to change in quality depending on the speed of your broadband connection. We currently offer streams at up to 1Mbps. Select programming on RTÉ Two live streams at HD quality. If you wish to manually adjust the quality of the video you can do so via the menu which is located at the bottom right of the video player window
Q16.How much bandwidth does watching a video use?
RTÉ Player now uses HTTP Adaptive Streaming to deliver video, this technology allows the video stream to adapt in quality depending on the amount of bandwidth you have available. The amount of bandwidth used will depend on which bit-rate is available to you. If you watch an hour of video at 1024kb/s, which is the highest bit-rate currently available on RTÉ Player, you could use up around 500MB of data.
Q17.Can I download RTÉ Player programmes?
Downloading RTÉ Player programmes is currently not possible.
Q18.Do I need to register?
No, you do not need to register to use the RTÉ Player. However, if you sign in with RTÉ ID, you will be able access a range of new features. These include seamless viewing, syncing favourites across devices and parental control.
Q19.What are the benefits of signing-in?
By signing-in you can pick up programmes where you left off across multiple computers and devices. For example, you could begin a programme on your iPhone when you are on the bus and then resume watching from the point you left off on your laptop at home. You will be able to mark programmes as favourites so that you can quickly access the latest episode on different devices. A new parental control feature is also available to help prevent children from accidently watching programmes intended for a Mature Audience.
Q20.How do I sign-in?
To sign-in you will need an RTÉ ID account. Click here for more information about RTÉ ID
Q21.What is Parental Control?
Parental control can be enabled to help prevent children from accidently watching programmes intended for a Mature Audience. The Parental Control PIN is not designed to be 100% secure and it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their children are watching content that is appropriate for their age.
Q22.How do I change Parental Control settings?
Parental Control settings can be managed here
Q23.Can I fast forward through the ads?
Programmes in the RTÉ Player may include in-stream ads. It is not possible to skip these advertisements.
Q24.Can I increase the size of the video?
Yes you can watch programmes in full screen mode by clicking on the full screen button located on the Player’s control bar.
Q25.I’m having issues viewing content using Google Chrome on Linux. What can I do?
RTE Player requires Flash plug-in to play video content. However, certain functionality required for streaming video on RTÉ.ie is not supported by Google Chrome's Pepper Flash Player plug-in on Linux. As a workaround, you can enable the system Flash Player in Google Chrome. For more information, please visit: RTÉ is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.
Q26.What information do you collect about usage of the RTÉ Player?
RTE Player collects statistical information that allows us to enhance and improve RTE Player service. This information is collected anonymously and not attributed to individual users. RTE Player also uses browser’s local storage and Flash cookies to enable personalisation features such as Recently Watched and Favourites. For users who chose not to log in with RTE ID this information doesn’t leave their computer and remains completely private. For users who are using RTÉ ID, some personal information such as Recently Watched, Favourites or Parental PIN are stored in their RTE ID account. For information about how we use your data when you sign in with RTE ID, please visit
Q27.How can I advertise in the RTÉ Player?
Please contact out our sales team by emailing