Rhona Clarke SHIFT (RTÉ Commission/ World Premiere) (2014) [15']

Programme Note

There is a marked difference stylistically between Where the Clouds Go, written in 2006 and the RTÉ commissioned work entitled SHIFT. A 'shift' in language and style emerged gradually resulting from, amongst other things, a return to electro-acoustic processes. Extended techniques, deliberately avoided in previous work, are embraced here using harmonics and noise elements in strings, and bowed, timbral effects on percussion. In a single, fifteen-minute movement, transformations in colour and texture vary from slow and intense in the opening section, to sudden and harsh later in the piece. The concentration is on blocks of sound, the harmonic language of which is derived, non-specifically, from the spectral composers (Grisly, Murail, Radulescu) and on the polar opposites between arrhythmic and rhythmic material.

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