SEÁN CLANCY Changing Rates of Change

Seán Clancy Changing Rates of Change (2012) [8']

Programme Note

Changing Rates of Change is an artistic intervention upon the Faith No More Song Jizzlobber. This song is incredibly interesting structurally as it contains several blocks of material which have little or nothing to do with one another. Material changes without the anxiety that is often felt by art music composers; however, the song still seems to work musically.

I have taken the structure and adapted it to my own ends predetermining the metrical schemata and rendering it more complex. Into this fixed template, I have poured all of my own original material whilst being mindful of the pacing and textures found in the original. However, rather than maintaining a predictable rate of change that can often be found in popular music (and Jizzlobber is no exception), this piece changes the rate of change adding an additional layer of unpredictability. By so doing, it is hoped that this piece has been a cathartic exercise in overcoming the anxiety of change, whilst highlighting the concepts of adaptive reuse and artistic intervention.

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