Clare O'Keeffe, percussion (20)

Clare O'Keeffe, percussion (20)
Studying in the Cork School of Music with Stephen Kelly

Clare's biography
Clare O'Keeffe is from Cork and is 20 years old. She started learning piano when she was six, and has been playing percussion since she was twelve. Currently a third year B. Mus. student in the Cork School of Music, she is principal percussionist of the Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and the CSM Wind Ensemble. Clare was a keen gymnast growing up and her
current loves are painting and reading. She takes great inspiration frompercussionist Evelyn Glennie and her ambition is to be a member of a professional orchestra.

Blog Day 1 - Wednesday 10 November
I was nervous before going to the rehearsal with the RTE NSO, but I soon relaxed after meeting some of the musicians, and the percussionist I would be playing alongside. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I wasn't playing for Bartok's Concerto for Orcestra, as there are very few percussion parts in that piece,so for the first half of the rehearsal I merely observed how the orchestra rehearsad, and how it was was run. I got to rehearse for Repighi's Fountains of Rome towards the ends and it was a wonderful experience to be able to rehearse with a professional orchestra.

Blog Day 2 - Thursday 11 November`
We started with Repighi's Fountains of Rome today as we had only had a run through of it the day before and we rehearsed this up until the first break. After the break the orchestra rehearsed Bartok's Concerto for Orcestra, and as I wasn't playing for this I looked through the percussion music so I could see what percussion parts were being played. The mentoring students were then free to leave as the orchestra worked on another part the students weren't in.

Blog Day 3 - Friday 12 November
The final rehearsal this morning was shorter than the rehearsals previous to it. We started off with Fountains of Rome, and rehearsed that until the first break, and moved on to the Concerto for Orchestra after the break. The mentoring students were free then, as the RTÉ NSO was practicing another work which we weren't playing for.

Post concert
I was a bit nervous before the concert, but I was also excited. I couldn't wait to go out and play. It was a bit nerve-wracking going out, but it was great to be playing with such a fantastic orchestra. The piece went really well, and as I was only playing for Fountains of Rome, I could go out and watch the rest of the concert after the interval. I was delighted that I had been given the opportunity to play with the RTÉ NSO, and I really enjoyed the couple of days I spent with them. Thank you!

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