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This new initiative, which we ran on a pilot basis in September and October, was a great success. Very positive feedback from both our audience and the players.

We're delighted to confirm one more event before Christmas: Thursday 3 December.

If you...

would like to meet new people at the interval of RTÉ NSO season concerts?

have ever wondered what it's like to play in the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra?

would like to chat to some of the musicians?

would like to meet other audience members to chat and exchange views?

would like to buy your interval drink at greatly discounted prices?


What is it?
It's an informal opportunity for you to meet some of the musicians, for the musicians to meet you and for you, the audience, to meet each other at the RTÉ NSO Friday night season concerts. We aim to have a group of players representing different sections of the orchestra each night.

As this is a new initiative, we decided to do a few on a pilot basis iin September and October to see how people responded. We had a great response from everyone - players and audience alike.

Where is it?
In the Carolan Room of the National Concert Hall

Who will be there each week?
Each week, a small number of the orchestral musicians come to meet the audience.

Discount on wine and soft drinks
To make this event even more enjoyable, we have negotiated a special discount on wine and soft drinks so we hope that that will add to the attraction of the event.

Can anyone come?
It's an open house for anyone attending the concert! Come with each other or come on your own...and pass the word on to others you know.

In the events to date, the players were as follows:

11 September
Alan Smale, RTÉ NSO Leader, 1st violin; Martin Johnson, Section Leader, cello; Catriona Ryan, Section Leader, flute; John Finucane, Section Leader, clarinet.

18 September
Adele Johnson, Section Leader, viola, Fergus O'Carroll, Section Principal, horn; Fintan Sutton, Principal bass clarinet; David MacKenzie, Section Leader, 2nd violins.

25 September
Adrian Wilson, Section Leader, oboe; Jason Sinclair, Section Leader, trombone; Andreja Malir, Section Leader, harp; Mark Jenkins, Associate Principal, double bass.

2 October
Dominic Dudley, Section Leader, Double Bass; Andreja Malir, Section Leader, Harp; Colm Byrne, Principal Trumpet; Fergus O'Carroll, Section Principal, French Horn; Michael Jones, Section Leader, Bassoon.

6 November
Polly Ballard, Associate Principal Cello; Matthew Billing, Principal 1, Clarinet; Melanie Briggs, Tutti 2nd Violin; Bethan Watkeys, Principal, French Horn.


3 December
Francis Magee, Section Leader, Tuba; Helen Morgan, Tutti Double Bass; Graham Hastings, Section Leader, Trumpet; Niall O'Loughlin, Tutti Cellist

Tell us what you think
We would very much welcome your feedback on how you feel this works, so please do feel free to pick up the phone to us, to drop us an email or to speak to us at the events. We would value your opinions.

Who, and how, to contact for queries and feedback.
Orlaith (Doheny)
Telephone: 01 208 2617

Maeve (Whooley)
Telephone: 01 208 2480

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