Garrett Sholdice

Garrett Sholdice (b. 1983) is an Irish composer currently based in Berlin.

Sholdice's work has been performed by, amongst others, the National Chamber Choir of Ireland, the Concorde Ensemble, Trio Arbós, violinist Elizabeth Cooney, pianist Matthew McCright, the RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Crash Ensemble, the Elias String Quartet, the ConTempo String Quartet, the Dublin Guitar Quartet, Trio Scordatura, the Chimera Ensemble, clarinettist Jonathan Sage, ensemble Noszferatu, New York Miniaturist Ensemble, violinist Ioana Petcu-Colan, New Dublin Voices, Ensemble ICC, Maya Homburger/Barry Guy duo, Gamelan Sekar Petak, Ergodos Voices and Ergodos Musicians

His music has been performed in Europe and America, at events including Klankenbos, an open-air sound installation space in Belgium, the Galway Arts Festival, the Sligo New Music Festival, the Printing House Festival of New Music, Ergodos Festival, the I and E Festival, the York Late Music Festival, the York Spring Festival and London's Spitalfields Festival.

Awards and accolades include the 2002 Gerard Victory Commission, the 2005 National Concert Hall Composer's Choice Commission, and a presence on the Sound and Music/SPNM short-list between 2007 and 2010.

As an undergraduate in Trinity College, Dublin, Sholdice studied composition with Donnacha Dennehy. A Professional Development and Training Award from the Arts Council and a Rosalyn Lyons Masters Scholarship supported his MA in composition at the University of York with Nicola LeFanu, during the academic year 2006/2007. He has recently completed a PhD in composition at the University of York with William Brooks, and expects to graduate in 2012. His doctoral research, which has focused on compositional employments of just intonation harmony, has been partially supported by a Travel and Training Award from the Arts Council and a Departmental Award from the music department at the University of York.

Sholdice is a co-director of Ergodos, a Dublin-based production company, record label and publisher that he founded with Benedict Schlepper-Connolly in 2006. Schlepper-Connolly and Sholdice co-curate and co-produce all Ergodos projects. In addition, Sholdice regularly acts as musical director for Ergodos' two performing ensembles: Ergodos Voices and Ergodos Musicians.

Sholdice's music appears on Ergodos Records releases Dubh and Star, which may be purchased from Sonate, composed for Maya Homburger and Barry Guy, is featured on Volume 10 of the Contemporary Music Centre's CD series Contemporary Music from Ireland.

As a writer, Sholdice regularly contributes to The Journal of Music (

In summer of 2012, Ergodos will produce Sholdice's new chamber opera based on the writings of Charles Baudelaire. His website can be found at

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