Residents of the Turkish border village of Alizar keep guard in fear of mortars fired by Islamic State fighters

Islamic State fighters approach key border town

29 Sep Fighters from the Islamic State group have advanced to within five kilometres of a key Kurdish town on the the border between Syria and Turkey, according to a British-based monitoring group.

New barricades have been set up outside the White House

Intruder ran through White House, report says

30 Sep An intruder armed with a knife, who jumped a fence and sprinted across the White House lawn, got much further into the presidential mansion than previously thought, according to a report.

The region has been hit by record-breaking rainfall

France hit by record-breaking rainfall

30 Sep France has declared a state of natural disaster in about 60 southern towns hit by torrential downpours, which also left the Mediterranean city of Montpellier under water.

Jejoen Bontinck acknowledged travelling to Syria, but claimed he was there for humanitarian work

Islamic extremist trial begins in Belgium

29 Sep Belgian prosecutors have accused 46 members from an Islamist group of belonging to a terrorist organisation and brainwashing young men in Belgium into fighting in Syria.

Pro-independence Catalans hold placards representing a ballot box and the date of the vote '9N'

Spanish court suspends Catalonian vote

29 Sep Spain's constitutional court has suspended a Catalonian independence referendum while it considers a request from the central government to declare the vote unconstitutional.