The Interview was scheduled for release on Christmas Day in the US

US still adamant N Korea was behind Sony attack

23.08 The US stands by its assertion that the North Korean government was behind the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council has said.

Raul Castro reiterated his willingness for respectful and reciprocal dialogue regarding disagreements with the US

Castro hails 'obstacle' removal in US-Cuba affairs

23.09 Cuban President Raul Castro has hailed the removal of an "obstacle" in US-Cuba relations, saying he is ready to discuss any topic with the United States after the historic bilateral rapprochement.

Ban Ki Moon visited an Ebola treatment centre outside Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown

UN chief praises Ebola healthcare workers

19.56 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised healthcare workers fighting the Ebola virus as he paid his first visit to Liberia and Sierra Leone following an outbreak that has killed nearly 7,000 people.

The bombing is the first since the end of war in Gaza

Israel bombs Gaza militants after rocket attack

08.19 Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas militant base in Gaza yesterday for the first time since the end of a war in the territory, in response to a rocket that militants launched earlier in the day, the army said.

Kim Jong-un observes he North Korean military's winter training at an unknown location

North Korea to snub UN Security Council meeting

19 Dec North Korea has said it will not send a representative to a UN Security Council meeting next week to discuss the country's human rights record and calls to refer Pyongyang to the International Criminal Court.