Does Scotland want independence? Voters will decide in September

Historic vote over Scottish independence

14.19 Scottish voters are preparing to go to the polls on 18 September to decide if Scotland should be an independent country. Fiona Mitchell examines the issues.

Donnie and Ronnie Galyon celebrated a very special milestone on Saturday

Conjoined twins mark a milestone

07 Jul Sixty-two-year-old Donnie and Ronnie Galyon of Cleveland, Ohio, break the record for being the longest surviving conjoined twins.

Ben Oude Kamphuis drove for five-months, through 12 countries to get to Brazil

Epic World Cup journey by Dutch fan

13 Jun A Dutch soccer fan has driven 21,000km from San Francisco in the United States to Salvador in Brazil to watch his country play in the World Cup despite not having tickets for any matches.

Schoolchildren taking part in the tree-hugging record attempt

Nepal tree-huggers set new world record

06 Jun More than two thousand people including lawmakers and students hugged trees in a park outside Nepal's capital Kathmandu to claim a new record on World Environment Day.

US drone promises - One year on

US drone promises - One year on

23 May A year after President Obama laid out new conditions for drone attacks around the world, US forces are failing to comply fully with the rules he set for them.

Chubby cheeks + tiny chin + undersized nose + large eyes + rosy complexion = CUTE

Scientists discover secret of cuteness

23 May Scientists at St Andrew's University School of Psychology and Neuroscience have revealed the scientific formula that, for the first time ever, defines precisely which human characteristics make a person "cute".