General Post Office (GPO), O'Connell Street, Dublin, 1916 © RTÉ Archives 0509/045

Easter 1916

12 Mar From radio 'They Remember 1916' and the never previously broadcast TV series 'The Survivors'.

Slogan on the gable end of a house in Derry, "You are now entering Free Derry". 
© RTÉ Stills Library 0119/042

Northern Ireland 1969

02 May August 1969 was the month that Northern Ireland erupted into violence. Sectarian tensions manifested on the streets in a bloody conflict that would become known as "the Troubles" and claim more than 3,500 lives over four decades.

Recruiting Poster 1914 
Courtesy the National Library EPH_WAR_1914_18_9

Ireland and the Great War

13 Mar In some respects this collection of RTÉ archive material is a microcosm of that Irish psyche. RTÉ (in the shape of 2RN) dates from the year prior to the Silver Tassie controversy. Its archive reflects Irish preoccupations.

Civil rights logo provided courtesy of the artist Sheila McClean and the Civil Rights Commemorative Committee.

Civil Rights Movement 1968-69

25 Jan In October 1968, when television pictures of RUC officers baton-charging a civil rights demonstration in Derry were shown around the world, the Northern Ireland civil rights movement became international news.