Leo Varadkar said the HSE will be empowered to provide people with therapies or appliances

Major changes to medical card scheme

25 Nov The Government has announced plans to introduce a single application process within the Health Service Executive for all medical cards and other medical schemes under reform measures.

Gerry Adams has apologised for the language he used

Adams criticised for 'foul-mouthed abuse'

25 Nov Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has been criticised for unscripted remarks he made at a public meeting in Enniskillen, which have been seen as insulting to unionists.

The Mistral-class assault warship Sevastopol

France delays sending warship to Russia

25 Nov French President Francois Hollande has delayed the controversial delivery of a high-tech warship to Russia "until further notice" over the crisis in Ukraine.

Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered in May last year

MPs: Agencies could not have stopped Rigby murder

25 Nov Intelligence agencies could not prevent the murder of soldier Lee Rigby despite his killers featuring in a total of seven error-filled operations before the attack, a British parliamentary watchdog has found.

Data sent home by the GOCE mapped variations in Earth's gravity with unrivalled precision (Pic: ESA)

Satellite yields best map of ocean currents

25 Nov A satellite dubbed the "Ferrari of space" has yielded the most accurate model of ocean circulation yet, boosting understanding of the seas and a key impact of global warming, scientists have said.

David O'Sullivan said appropriate precautions need to be taken

EU ambassador 'reasonably satisfied' US HQ secure

25 Nov The new EU Ambassador to the US, Irishman David O'Sullivan, has said that he is "reasonably satisfied" that the EU Headquarters in Washington are "as secure as they need to be" following revelations last year that the US had bugged the building.

75% of employers said they had the potential to increase employment if more skilled engineers were available

Microelectronics survey finds engineer shortage

25 Nov Microelectronics businesses operating in Ireland are struggling to recruit sufficient numbers of suitably trained engineers to grow their businesses, a new survey by the industry's body in Ireland has revealed.

Storyful's CEO said: 'Dublin is our home, and we are excited at what's to come'

Storyful to create 30 jobs in Dublin

25 Nov Storyful, the Irish social news agency that was acquired last year by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, has announced the creation of 30 jobs at its Dublin headquarters.

Tony Delaney said lessons need to be learned from yesterday's court case

Caution urged after PI data breaches

25 Nov The Assistant Data Protection Commissioner has said lessons have to be learned from a case involving a private investigator who was convicted of illegally accessing personal information and passing it on to credit unions.

Michael Brown was shot dead in August

Jury heard new details on Ferguson shooting

25 Nov Black teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by policeman Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, after an altercation at the side of the officer's car, a prosecutor said last night.

Jay Nixon said the National Guard would be deployed in support roles

Missouri Governor urges restraint in Ferguson

24 Nov Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has urged tolerance, respect and restraint after a grand jury decision on the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer in August.