The Government and the British government plan new talks on peace in Northern Ireland

US govt set to take role in new NI peace talks

30 Sep The US administration is believed to be making plans to play a role in the upcoming new round of peace talks in Northern Ireland, convened jointly by the Irish and British governments.

TK Whitaker said he 'doesn't feel [patriotism] is diminishing in politics'

Biography of TK Whitaker launched

30 Sep Ireland's most distinguished civil servant, TK Whitaker, has said he believes "there is a certain percentage" of practical patriots in politics today.

Afghan security personnel work at the site of a suicide attack near the international airport in Kabul yesterday

Afghan and US officials sign troop deal

30 Sep Officials from Afghanistan and the US have signed a long-delayed security agreement to allow American troops to stay in the country after the end of the year, fulfilling a campaign promise by new President Ashraf Ghani.

New barricades have been set up outside the White House

Intruder ran through White House, report says

30 Sep An intruder armed with a knife, who jumped a fence and sprinted across the White House lawn, got much further into the presidential mansion than previously thought, according to a report.

The European rights court has withdrawn its criticism of Switzerland's assisted suicide laws

Woman duped EU rights court over Swiss suicide law

30 Sep The European Court of Human Rights has withdrawn its criticism of Switzerland's assisted suicide laws after it emerged an octogenarian who filed the initial complaint had duped both the court and her lawyer in the case.

The PSNI must make savings of £50m

PSNI's Historical Enquiries Unit set to close

30 Sep A specialist police unit that investigates killings from the Troubles in Northern Ireland is to be closed down due to budget cuts, the Police Service of Northern Ireland has announced.

Organisers say as many as 80,000 people gathered on the streets after the protests began on Friday night

Hong Kong leader demands end to protests

30 Sep Hong Kong's chief executive Leung Chun-ying has called on protest leaders to "immediately" withdraw their followers from the streets in his first public comments since demonstrators were tear gassed by police.

Rescue workers put their gear away as rescue operations on Mount Ontake are halted for the day

Fears over fresh volcano eruption in Japan

30 Sep Rescue operations on a Japanese volcano have been halted for the day because of fears there could be a fresh eruption, with at least 24 bodies still on the mountain.

The region has been hit by record-breaking rainfall

France hit by record-breaking rainfall

30 Sep France has declared a state of natural disaster in about 60 southern towns hit by torrential downpours, which also left the Mediterranean city of Montpellier under water.