Saina - "Everyone that walks into this restaurant deserves a chance to find love"

First Dates Ireland reveal their matchmaker

13 Feb For the romantic weekend that's in it, RTÉ2 has revealed the maître d' for its new show, First Dates Ireland. He's Mateo Saina, who says he's very excited to be playing Cupid.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein endorses DiCaprio for Oscar win

12 Feb Harvey Weinstein has said he feels it is Leonardo DiCaprio's year to take home an Academy Award, commending the nominee's "amazing" performance in The Revenant.

Stephen Fingleton - "You can take somebody on a very tough journey - a journey you'll break down in tears from - but as long as you've hope you can go through it"

Survivalist director finds hope amidst the horror

12 Feb Writer-director Stephen Fingleton has made one of the most harrowing films of the year with his feature debut The Survivalist, but the Enniskillen man has told TEN that's it's also a story of hope.

"It says here we will not be coming back."

Friends - they won't be there for you

12 Feb Turns out we are not on a break - the creators of Friends have officially ruled out a reunion of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe

Spielberg doesn't blame Academy members for lack of diversity in Oscar nominations

Steven Spielberg weighs in on Oscars diversity issue

12 Feb Steven Spielberg is the latest Hollywood star to weigh in on the Oscars diversity issue, and he has said that we have to "stop pointing fingers and blaming the Academy", and instead look to the studio bosses.

Brendan Gleeson and John Michael McDonagh

The Guard director explains his novel casting technique

12 Feb The Guard director John Michael McDonagh has opened up about his casting process, saying he only chooses "actors who like a good booze-up" such as his frequent collaborator Brendan Gleeson and Moone Boy star Chris O'Dowd.