More than 24,000 people broke the world record for the largest human flag in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

The 24,200 volunteers stood still in position for ten minutes to form the Pakistani flag and break the Guinness world record.

The record-breaking event was organised as part of the annual Youth Festival by the Government of Punjab, who invited officials of from the Guinness Book of Records to attend and declare the new record.

Gareth Davies, records manager for Guinness World Records, told the crowd: "And with 24,200 people in Lahore tonight making the world's largest human national flag. You have deserved this. Every single one of you is the Guinness World Record holder."

One spectator said the new record would be good for Pakistan.

Shahista Malik said it would "develop love for our nation and make us more disciplined. It will also create a passion of tolerance amongst us."