Purin is a multi-talented beagle from Japan (Guinness World Records)

Japanese dog sets 'paw-fect' record

29 Mar A floppy-eared Japanese beagle with paw-fect yoga skills has scampered into the record books after setting the world mark for the "fastest 10 metres travelled on a ball by a dog."

St Paul's 1916 memorial in Glasnevin Cemetery, one of the main sites used for burial of those who died during the Easter Rising

Remembering all victims of the Rising

25 Mar The stories of the historical figures of the Easter Rising have lasted a century. Now, a new project by Glasnevin Cemetery gives voices to all casualties of the conflict, writes Mark O'Flynn.

FF leader Micheál Martin hopes to rebuild his battered party

Election 2016: The end of Civil War politics?

05 Jan Fianna Fáil's meltdown at the last general election was a seismic change in Irish politics. It opened the way for a host of combinations in the next coalition - including an historic one.

Several of the militants in the Paris attacks of 13 November were based in Molenbeek

Insight: The View from Molenbeek

11 Dec The Week in Politics' Aine Lawlor spoke to Jamal Habbachich, who leads a council of 22 mosques in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels that has been closely associated with jihad.

Mourners lit candles outside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

California attack latest in series of US tragedies

03 Dec Wednesday's gun attack at a social services agency in the southern Californian city of San Bernardino, which killed 14 people and left 17 wounded, was the latest of many deadly rampages in the United States.