Darek Fidyka can now walk with a frame and has been able to resume an independent life

Pioneering surgery helps paralysed man walk

21 Oct A man paralysed from the waist down after his spinal cord was severed in a stabbing attack is able to walk again after undergoing pioneering surgery.

A Liberator pistol next to the 3D printer on which its components were made in the US

Japanese man jailed for 3D printing guns

20 Oct A Japanese court this morning jailed a man for two years for making guns with a 3D printer in what is believed to be a first in a nation with strict gun controls.

Posting asked for donations in digital currency Bitcoin

Dropbox denies 7m accounts hacked

14 Oct Cloud storage site Dropbox has moved to deny claims it has been hacked after an anonymous account posted what it claims is the username and passwords of hundreds of the site's users.

The trio scooped the Google prize for their project on bacteria that deposits nitrogen from the atmosphere into soil

Cork students make Time's teen list

13 Oct Three Irish students from Cork have made it onto Time magazine's annual list of most influential teenagers, alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and New Zealand singer Lorde.

Google's official "right to be forgotten" process was launched on 29 May 2014

Google receives 1,443 Irish removal requests

10 Oct Google has said it has received 1,443 requests from people in Ireland seeking the removal of certain search results relating to them since an EU court copper-fastened the legal "right to be forgotten" in May.

Snapchat says its own servers have not been breached and any compromise was due to third party services

Hackers claim to have acquired Snapchat photos

10 Oct Hackers claim to have acquired a database containing hundreds of thousands of photos that were sent using the popular photo and video sharing service Snapchat, and are threatening to release them on the internet.

The problem was caused by a problem with pipes

Frozen fuel caused Galileo orbit error

08 Oct Fuel that froze on the Russian Soyuz rocket is what caused two satellites from Europe's troubled Galileo navigation system to be sent into the wrong orbit in August, an investigation has revealed.

A visitor touches a light emitting diode (LED) bulb

LED lamp inventors win Nobel Prize

07 Oct Three Japanese-born researchers have won the Nobel Prize for Physics for inventing the LED lamp, a boon in the fight against global warming and aiding people in poverty.

Edvard and May-Britt Moser are the fifth couple to win a Nobel Prize

Marriage a Nobel tradition for prize winners

06 Oct Norwegian scientists May-Britt and Edvard Moser, co-winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine Monday, join a century-old tradition of couples whose marriages may have propelled them towards the coveted prize.