Research vessel deploying instruments on an Antarctic ice shelf (Pic: Jonathan L. Bamber/Science)

Antarctic glaciers melting faster than thought

15.37 Glaciers in part of Antarctica have started to thaw fast, adding to sea level rise that threatens coasts and cities from New York to Shanghai, a team of scientists has said.

Tara in the Arctic Ocean (Pic A.Deniaud/Tara Expéditions)

Results of massive plankton study published

14.57 Scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of the world's ocean plankton, the tiny organisms that serve as food for marine creatures such as the blue whale, and also provide half the oxygen we breathe.

The ODPC will now be the first port of call if a non-US Twitter user is unhappy with how the company is handling their personal information

Irish data commissioner policing Twitter privacy

18 May The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will today assume responsibility for ensuring the privacy and data of around 300 million people outside the US who use Twitter each month is adequately respected.

Frances Fitzgerald attended the report launch this morning

Increase in reports of child abuse material

14 May The Irish Internet Hotline uncovered 148% more child sexual abuse material last year than the previous year according to the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland's annual report.