The research will assist understanding of how manipulating immune responses can be used in innovative therapies

Significant advance in understanding immune system

28 Nov Scientists, including a mathematician at Maynooth University, have used a combination of data to make a significant advance in our understanding of how the immune system works and how it may be manipulated.

Binge-drinking may have long-term effects on memory, decision-making and the ability to pay attention

New drug to reduce effects of binge-drinking

27 Nov Scientists have developed a new hangover cure that reduces the harmful effects of binge-drinking on the brain. The drug could also help in treating Alzheimer's and other brain diseases.

The World Health Organisation has said there has been almost 16,000 cases of Ebola in west Africa

Ebola vaccine passes early safety test

26 Nov An experimental Ebola vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline has caused no serious side effects in an early trial, scientists reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Data sent home by the GOCE mapped variations in Earth's gravity with unrivalled precision (Pic: ESA)

Satellite yields best map of ocean currents

25 Nov A satellite dubbed the "Ferrari of space" has yielded the most accurate model of ocean circulation yet, boosting understanding of the seas and a key impact of global warming, scientists have said.

75% of employers said they had the potential to increase employment if more skilled engineers were available

Microelectronics survey finds engineer shortage

25 Nov Microelectronics businesses operating in Ireland are struggling to recruit sufficient numbers of suitably trained engineers to grow their businesses, a new survey by the industry's body in Ireland has revealed.

Scientists say Philae has uncovered much about the comet in spite of a rough touchdown

Comet probe 'sniffed' organic molecules

19 Nov Mankind's first probe of a comet found traces of organic molecules and a surface much harder than imagined, scientists said today of initial sample data from robot lab Philae.

'Philae' tweeted: 'I might take a nap'

Philae 'asleep' after batteries run out

15 Nov The comet probe Philae is "asleep", scientists said early this morning, after its batteries ran out and were unable to recharge as it lay in the shadow of a crater wall.

The series of photos were captured by the Rosetta satellite's narrow-angle camera

New images show Philae's journey to comet

17 Nov New images have been released showing the journey taken by the space probe Philae after it was dropped from its satellite and the moments after it first landed on Comet 67P.

A handout picture made available by the ESA shows the Philae lander shortly after separation from Rosetta

ESA probe not anchored, but transmitting data

12 Nov The European Space Agency has landed a probe on a comet, a first in space exploration and the climax of a decade-long mission, but the lander did not anchor to the surface as planned.