Dippy the Diplodocus in the Hintze Hall at London's Natural History Museum

Whale and dinosaur in museum row

29 Jan The skeletal remains of a massive blue whale that washed up at the mouth of Wexford Harbour in 1891 are at the centre of a growing row in Britain.

The new GMOs depend on synthetic nutrients to survive

Scientists develop 'safer GMOs'

21 Jan Scientists in the US have devised new methods of developing genetically modified organisms to make them dependent on artificial nutrients for growth.

The study looked at the genetic data and MRI scans of over 30,000 people

Study reveals brain genetic variations

21 Jan Secrets about how variations in our genes impact on the development of the size and structure of our brains have been unlocked by a new study involving an international group of hundreds of scientists, including some based in Ireland.

The scrolls were in a library that was part of the Villa of the Papyri, which may have belonged to Julius Caesar's father-in-law

X-rays unlock secrets of charred scrolls

21 Jan Scientists say a sophisticated form of X-ray technology has enabled them to decipher the contents of hundreds of papyrus scrolls that were turned into charcoal in the eruption of Italy's Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Sony PlayStation and Xbox systems were subjected to a cyber attack last year

18-year-old arrested over cyber attacks

16 Jan An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Merseyside in a joint British and FBI-led operation following cyber attacks on Sony PlayStation and Xbox systems last year.

The Aurora Borealis pictured over the Giant's Causeway

TCD scientists in solar storm forecasting project

15 Jan Scientists at Trinity College Dublin, working with other researchers from around the world, are to attempt to build a highly accurate solar storm forecasting service for Europe, by studying in detail the massive explosions of hot gas from the Sun.

Sharing files over the Internet is not illegal unless the material is copyrighted by a third party

Commercial Court hearing file-sharing challenge

13 Jan The Commercial Court has begun hearing a challenge by a number of record companies aimed at forcing telecoms company UPC to disconnect customers responsible for illegally sharing and downloading copyrighted music.