On this day 107 years ago, a meteor exploded in the skies above the Tunguska region of Russia

Call for investment in asteroid research

30 Jun A group of leading international scientists is calling for a significant increase in investment by governments in research into asteroids that could potentially threaten Earth.

The explosion was televised on NASA TV

SpaceX rocket explodes after launch

28 Jun A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded minutes after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida, following what was meant to be a routine cargo mission to the International Space Station.

Police in riot gear at one point intervened using tear gas

French riot police called after Uber taxi protest

25 Jun French police in riot gear used tear gas as taxi drivers stepped up protests against US online liftsharing service UberPOP, blocking road access to airports and train stations in Paris and other cities.

Sentinel-2A was launched on a lightweight Vega rocket from French Guiana

ESA earth monitoring satellite launches

23 Jun The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched the second phase of a €4.3 billion programme to deploy new-generation satellites to monitor environmental damage and aid disaster relief operations.

Taylor Swift threatened to boycott new Apple service in a row over royalties

Apple makes a swift change of tune

22 Jun Apple has agreed to pay musicians for songs played during its new music streaming service's trial period, after pop star Taylor Swift threatened to boycott it in a row over royalties.

Philae touched down on '67P' on 12 November

Philae probe 'wakes up' on comet

14 Jun The European space probe Philae woke up overnight after a months-long sleep as it hurtled towards the Sun on the back of a comet, the French space chief said this afternoon.

Edward Snowden downloaded secret files when he worked as a contractor at the CIA and National Security Agency

Britain moves spies as Russia cracks Snowden files

14 Jun Britain has been forced to remove some of its spies after Russia and China accessed the top-secret raft of documents taken by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, British media have reported.

CIA workers are among those potentially affected by the breach

Hackers access personal data of US security staff

13 Jun Hackers linked to China appear to have gained access to sensitive background information submitted by US intelligence and military personnel for security clearances that could potentially expose them to blackmail, the Associated Press reported last night.

The patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, delivered a healthy boy in November 2014

Woman gives birth after frozen ovarian transplant

10 Jun A Congolese-Belgian woman has become the first in the world to give birth to a healthy child after doctors restored her fertility by transplanting ovarian tissue that was removed and frozen when she was a child.

Nearly three quarters of the earth's surface is covered by ocean, but just one tenth of it is mapped

Team led by Marine Institute mapping sea bed

09 Jun A team of international scientists, led by the Marine Institute, has completed a transatlantic sea bed mapping exercise, which has revealed previously uncharted seabed features including mountains and ridges taller than Carrauntoohil.

Sinead Winters, doctoral researcher, at the AMBER materials science centre in Trinity College Dublin

Hope for biosensor developed with TCD researchers

08 Jun An international group of scientists, including researchers at the AMBER material sciences centre based at Trinity College Dublin, have developed a new biosensor that has shown high sensitivity in detecting diseases such as cholera.

James Boysen received the craniofacial tissue transplant at Houston Methodist Hospital on 22 May

Man has groundbreaking skull transplant in Houston

05 Jun A man whose cancer left him with severe damage to the top of the head has received what his doctors in Houston describe as the first skull and scalp transplant, the MD Anderson Cancer Center said last night.