The Dublin Dashboard will present a wealth of information on Dublin all in one place

Interactive Dublin website launched

19 Sep A new interactive website, of real time and collated data about Dublin, has been launched by researchers at Maynooth University, in partnership with Dublin City Council.

Tyndall and the TSSG aim to use the money to exploit the market potential of internet connected devices

Irish institutions seek €82m in EU funding

18 Sep The Tyndall National Institute in Cork has teamed up with Waterford IT's Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) to pursue €82m in funding under the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Carbon emissions in Dublin are now running at 5.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year

Sharp drop in Dublin energy consumption

16 Sep The amount of energy consumed in Dublin city each year has fallen by more than a third as a result of the recession, according to a new report published today.

The Uber app allows users to summon cars using an app on their smartphones

Injunction against Uber taxi service thrown out

16 Sep The controversial but popular car pick-up service Uber has claimed a victory in Germany after a court threw out an injunction levelled against its operations in Europe's biggest economy.

NASA wants to be flying astronauts commercially from the United States before the end of 2017

Boeing and SpaceX to fly NASA astronauts to ISS

16 Sep NASA is to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station in partnership with Boeing and SpaceX to, ending US dependence on Russia for rides, US Senator Bill Nelson said.

The European Space Agency picked site 'J' from a shortlist of five

'J' marks the spot for historic comet landing

15 Sep The European Space Agency has announced the spot on a comet in deep space where in November it will attempt the first-ever landing on one of these ancient wanderers of the solar system.

A hydraulic drilling rig on the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania

Study finds contamination not due to fracking

15 Sep A study has found that the contamination of groundwater above two large areas of shale gas in the US where fracking has taken place was caused by faulty well casings and cement construction, not the fracking itself.

Spinosaurus is first dinosaur known to have been adapted to an aquatic lifestyle

Massive dinosaur could walk and swim

11 Sep A terrifying cross between Tyrannosaurus rex, a crocodile and a whale was the largest predator ever to walk the Earth - or swim in its rivers.

Although lava has been pouring out of the volcano no ash has emerged

Icelandic volcano spews lava from new crack

05 Sep Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano poured out lava from a new opening in the ground today, closer to the Dyngjujokull glacier, but there was still no ash emerging from the eruption, local authorities said.

The Apple Watch will be launched in early 2015 - though it is unclear when Ireland will see the device

Apple unveils smartwatch, new iPhones

09 Sep Apple has unveiled a new watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service as chief executive officer Tim Cook seeks to revive the company's reputation as a wellspring of innovation.