Anthony Doolan gave up his job ten years ago to look after his son

Father of autistic teenager has allowance restored

24 Nov A father who cares full-time for his severely autistic teenage son and who was deprived by the State of his Carer's Allowance has had his payment restored after protesting about the cut on RTÉ News.

Anthony Doolan drives 80km a day to bring his son to school

Call for Carer's Allowance application review

21 Nov The Carers' Association has called for a complete review of the application process for the Carer's Allowance in respect of those looking after people with learning disabilities and autism.

The 11 November count identified 168 individuals as 'rough sleepers'

21% rise in numbers sleeping rough in Dublin

21 Nov The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin has grown by over one fifth in the past year, according to figures released this evening by Dublin City Council.

Today's HIQA report is based on a HIQA inspection carried out in late June and early July

High failure of standards by area of child agency

20 Nov Inspection by the Health Information and Quality Authority found that 62% of foster carers in the Dublin southwest/Kildare/west Wicklow area had not been reviewed by the Child and Family Agency for more than three years, contrary to regulations.

President Higgins said the Direct Provision system does not answer the rights of asylum seekers

President Higgins criticises Direct Provision

19 Nov President Michael D Higgins has criticised the Irish system in dealing with asylum seekers known as Direct Provision, describing it as "totally unsatisfactory in almost every aspect".

Cardinal Raymond Burke was speaking at a conference in Limerick

Calls for Pope to clarify stance on gay marriage

15 Nov One of Pope Francis' most vocal critics, who was demoted last week from his leadership of the Vatican's Supreme Court, has said he would refuse Holy Communion to any Catholic legislator who voted for same-sex marriage.

A lithograph of Joseph Smith from about 1840

Mormon church admits founder had about 40 wives

11 Nov The Mormon church has admitted that founder Joseph Smith married about 40 women including a 14-year-old and others who were already the wives of his followers, having maintained for nearly 200 years that he was monogamous.