Brian Purcell has offered to be reassigned to other duties in the public service

Purcell's contract 'may allow him to keep salary'

29 Jul Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has said that the Secretary General of the Department of Justice, Brian Purcell, has contractual rights and these may relate to him keeping his €200,000 a year salary.

A man with his dog looks at a damaged area after shelling in Donetsk

Ukraine welcomes sanctions on Russia

11.48 Ukraine's foreign minister has welcomed US and European sanctions on Russia and pledged Kiev would not attack cities now controlled by pro-Russian separatists in its drive to re-establish control over its territory.

A man waves a picture of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei above Israeli flags before setting the flags on fire during a demonstration in Tehran

Khamenei accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza

29 Jul Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has accused Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza and called on the Islamic world to arm Palestinians fighting "the Zionist regime".

Barack Obama has sent a letter to  Vladimir Putin on the subject

US accuses Russia of violating arms treaty

29 Jul The United States has found that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty by testing a ground-launched cruise missile, a senior US official has said, calling the matter "very serious."

Brian Purcell wrote to colleagues ahead of a review of the Department of Justice being published

Purcell says it is best that he be reassigned

28 Jul The Secretary General of the Department of Justice has said that having to continually defend his position would prove a damaging distraction from the important work that has to be done.

UN human rights panel critical of Ireland's 'restrictive' abortion laws

UN critical of Ireland's abortion laws

24 Jul A United Nations human rights panel has told Ireland it should revise its highly restrictive abortion laws and said that allegations of abuse of women and children at Catholic-run homes must be better investigated.

John McGuinness defended the PAC saying the committee is there to carry out a particular function

McGuinness: PAC will fight Kerins' legal action

22 Jul The chairman of the Dáil Public Accounts Committee has said that a legal challenge by former Rehab chief executive Angela Kerins to the committee's questioning of her will be robustly defended.

A young boy holds a sign during a demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Kiev

EU plans further sanctions on Russians

22 Jul The European Union has threatened Russia with harsher sanctions over Ukraine that could inflict wider damage on its economy following the downing of a Malaysian airliner, but it delayed action for a few days.

The HSE said all future appointees would be paid within Department of Health pay scales

HSE seeks to protect higher pay for some managers

22 Jul The HSE has said it will seek formal approval from the Department of Health to protect higher pay arrangements for some senior health managers in Section 38 agencies, which are above public pay policy.

Mo Mowlam raised the case of the 'high profile' individual with attorney general Lord Morris in April 1999

Mowlam 'tried to stop prosecution'

18 Jul Former Northern Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam lobbied the British government's senior law officer to ask him not to prosecute a suspect to help boost peace process negotiations.

Angela Merkel called on Russia to work towards a political solution

Putin and Merkel call for truce in Ukraine

18 Jul Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a ceasefire between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations.