Count observers look on as ballot papers are counted in the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen

Live - Scotland independence referendum

02.45 Good morning and welcome to our live blog as votes are counted in the Scottish independence referendum. We'll be bringing you the latest results, images, tweets and quotes throughout the morning.

The United Nations Security Council meeting on the ebola outbreak in west Africa

UN says Ebola is threat to international peace

18 Sep The UN Security Council has declared the Ebola outbreak in Africa a "threat to international peace and security" and called on all states to provide urgent resources and assistance to help tackle the crisis.

In a video released today John Cantlie promised to reveal in a series of programmes the 'truth' about the jihadist group

US Senate approves Obama's anti-IS plans

18 Sep The US Senate approved easily controversial legislation requested by President Barack Obama to allow the training and arming of moderate Syrian rebels in their fight against the Islamic State group.

Ryanair accused the minsiter of "grossly" exceeding his powers

Ryanair threatens legal action over charges

18 Sep Ryanair has threatened the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport with legal action if he does not revoke a direction on airport charges issued to the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) on Monday.

Michael Dwyer was killed in Santa Cruz in April 2009

Mother of Michael Dwyer issues statement

18 Sep The mother of Tipperary man Michael Dwyer, who was shot dead in Bolivia in 2009, has said that his death was an extra-judicial execution and called for those responsible to be held accountable.