Japanese whalers on board the Nisshin Maru clean a minke whale in the Southern Ocean off Antartica in 2000

Opposition to Japanese whaling 'eco-imperialism'

26 Nov Opposition to Japan's whaling programme is a kind of "eco-imperialism" that imposes one value system on another and is based on emotion, not science, Japan's top whaling official said this morning.

RTÉ News revealed yesterday that the cost of metering now stands at €539m

Water metering an issue for Irish Water - Kenny

24 Nov Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said the issue of water metering is one for Irish Water, following comments by Ervia Chief Executive Michael McNicholas about the cost of installing the water meters.

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland caused major disruption in 2010

New ash cloud could be 'imminent'

20 Nov An ash cloud crisis even worse than the Icelandic eruption, which grounded thousands of flights four years ago, could be imminent, scientists have claimed.

G20 leaders said they aimed to support sustainable development and economic growth

G20 leaders pledge action on climate change

16 Nov Leaders of the world's most powerful economies have backed "strong and effective action" on climate change, throwing their support behind the UN's Green Climate Fund, aimed at helping poorer countries deal with the problem.

The IPCC report found that greenhouse gasses from our activities are the dominant cause of climate change

IPCC calls for decisive climate change action

02 Nov A major new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has expressed with greater certainty than ever before that human influences are the dominant cause of climate change and that they are growing.

Air pollution is associated with more than 400,000 premature deaths a year in the European Union

Concern over level of air pollutants

23 Oct The Environmental Protection Agency has found that levels of certain cancer causing pollutants in Ireland are significantly above the levels recommended by the World Health Organization.

John Tierney said it was humbling to watch his staff at work

Irish Water chief defends staff bonuses

22 Oct Irish Water Managing Director John Tierney has defended bonuses paid to the company's staff, saying they are doing a fantastic job and it is humbling to watch them work.

It took 5,000 years for European genes to evolve until they were no longer lactose intolerant

Early Europeans were 'lactose intolerant'

21 Oct Early Europeans had a problem drinking the milk of cows and goats for about 5,000 years after the introduction of farming, a University College Dublin study has found.