Tara in the Arctic Ocean (Pic A.Deniaud/Tara Expéditions)

Results of massive plankton study published

22 May Scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of the world's ocean plankton, the tiny organisms that serve as food for marine creatures such as the blue whale, and also provide half the oxygen we breathe.

Barack Obama said denying climate change 'undermines the readiness of our forces'

Obama says climate change threatens US security

21 May Rising seas and thawing permafrost caused by warmer global temperatures threaten US military bases and will change the way the US armed services defend the country, President Barack Obama said last night.

John Wissler, Commander of the Joint task force of US Army, speaking at a press conference in Kathmandu

Wreckage of missing US helicopter found in Nepal

15 May The wreckage of a US military helicopter lost on an earthquake relief mission in Nepal has been found high on a mountainside, with all eight on board presumed dead, according to US officials.

Thousands of people are affected by the notice which came into affect this evening

Boil notice issued amid contamination concerns

06 May A boil water notice has been issued to almost 6,500 homes and businesses in Westport, Co Mayo, following an increase in the number of people presenting with symptoms of cryptosporidiosis in recent days.

Rescuers from Japan in the historical centre of Kathmandu - Nepal says no more foreign teams are needed

Four Irish people still unaccounted for in Nepal

29 Apr The Irish ambassador to India and Nepal has said that authorities have been able to account for all but four of the 150 Irish people who were believed to be in Nepal at the time of the earthquake.