A Napa County firefighter sprays foam on hot spots from a fire at a mobile home park following the earthquake

Earthquake hits northern California

24 Aug A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake jolted northern California early this morning, knocking out power and causing some damage to roads in Napa and Sonoma counties.

Experts are monitoring the volcano

Iceland lowers warning level over volcano

24 Aug Iceland has lowered its warning code for possible volcanic disruption to the aviation industry to orange from red after further analysis of an apparent eruption under a glacier found there had been no eruption after all.

A hawksbill sea turtle swims near the reed off Lady Elliot Island

Poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef

13 Aug Climate change remains the most serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef and the outlook for the natural wonder is "poor", an Australian government report has warned.

Irish Water defended salary costs, which were found to be almost three times those in England and Wales

Irish Water defends operating costs

11 Aug Irish Water has defended its operating costs, after a report for the regulator found that the costs of the new utility company are almost twice the average of utility companies in England and Wales.

Portmarnock Beach is among those to have restrictions lifted

'No swimming' notice for Co Wicklow beach

07 Aug Wicklow County Council has issued a "do not swim" notice for Brittas Bay South, while Fingal County Council has lifted restrictions on some designated bathing areas.

Portrane beach is one of those affected

Water warnings over beaches in Dublin and Wicklow

05 Aug Fingal County Council has advised the public not to swim at 12 beaches because of worries over the water quality, while Wicklow County Council has issued an advisory notice about the quality of bathing water in Bray.