To mark International Tiger Day WFF is calling on countries to compile data on tiger population

Tiger campaign threatened by poor data

29 Jul Efforts to save the endangered tiger are being undermined by a lack of knowledge as to how many remain in the wild, according to an animal conservation group.

Around 1,500 householders are affected

Water warning issued for Co Clare

29 Jul Householders in Co Clare are being advised that water provided by the Kildysart public water supply is not suitable for drinking until further notice.

Lough Ree Power in Lanesboro, Co Longford was due to be sold

ESB decides not to sell midlands plants

28 Jul The ESB has decided against selling two peat-fired power stations in the midlands in order to pay a €400 million "special dividend" to Government by the end of 2014.

Thousands of dead fish continue to wash down the river system (pic: Colm McCaughey)

Source of Tolka pollution identified

23 Jul Dublin City Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland have confirmed they are following "a definite line of inquiry" in relation to the source of yesterday's pollution incident on the Tolka River.

Under the Kyoto Protocol carbon sink activity of new hedgerows could offset carbon emissions

Hedgerows could offset carbon emissions

22 Jul A new report for the EPA has found that an expansion in hedgerow and non-forest woodlands in Ireland could make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Protesters outside the council meeting in Kilkenny

Emergency meeting over Kilkenny bridge planned

21 Jul Members of a group opposed to the Central Access Scheme in Kilkenny city addressed the monthly meeting of Kilkenny County Council this afternoon and described a proposed new bridge and road as a "horrific plan".