The proposals will be published in full following meetings on Friday evening

Proposal agreed on Junior Cycle reform

20 May A proposal to resolve the dispute over reform of the Junior Cycle has been agreed between officials from the Department of Education and union leaders.

Ruairi Quinn said efforts towards reform have come a long way

Junior Cert reform proposals a 'breakthrough'

21 May Ruairi Quinn, who was responsible for bringing forward Junior Cycle reform proposals, has said he believes the current Minister for Education has made a significant breakthrough.

Teachers from NCBA protesting last month over non-payment of wages

Major overhaul of private college system needed

12 May The Department of Justice has appealed to students and teachers working in the international English language education sector to come to them if they believe any college is engaging in bad practices or is in financial difficulties.

Workers say they will also strike next Wednesday and Thursday if the matter is not addressed

UCC to seek injunction over Tyndall strike

01 May University College Cork has said it will apply to the High Court for an injunction to prevent staff members from the Tyndall National Institute who are members of SIPTU and IFUT from picketing the entrances to the university's main campus on 13 May.

A Carlyle College director said the college had been forced to close due to significant uncertainty

College sent students 'misleading' forms

24 Apr A representative of a private college, which closed suddenly two weeks ago, has told a meeting of its creditors that the company accepted that students in India who are owed refunds of up to €5,000 were sent forms that were misleading.

By the middle of 2013 around 11% of initial grant decisions were appealed, with 74% of these turned over on appeal

Criticism of establishment of SUSI grant system

15 Apr The Comptroller and Auditor General has recommended that the Department of Education revise its approach to planning for change, especially when it comes to complex and large-scale projects.

Teachers protest outside the Modern Educational Centre in Dublin

Teachers protest over non-payment of wages

16 Apr The Department of Justice has told RTÉ News that more than 2,250 international students are registered to two private Dublin colleges at the centre of controversy today over the non-payment of wages to staff.