TUI says since 2008 student numbers have risen as full-time staff numbers have fallen

ITs halt classes in protest over funding cuts

03 Feb 4,000 Institute of Technology lecturers and researchers in the country's 14 Institutes of Technology held a work stoppage in protest over what staff say is the detrimental impact of funding cuts in the sector.

EU tax commissioner Pierre Moscovici calls 'for fair and effective taxation for all Europeans'

New EU rules aim at reducing annual tax losses

28 Jan The European Commission has proposed allowing EU countries to tax corporate profits at home in some circumstances even if the money has been transferred elsewhere to avoid such payments.

Joseph Stiglitz said there was little or no economic growth since Ireland's financial crisis in 2008

Ireland's economic growth 'no victory yet'

21 Jan Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has challenged the Government's narrative on economic growth and criticised the European Central Bank for what he called "forcing" the Irish State to take on private debt following the economic collapse.

Ged Nash said 'if and when contracts' may mean workers losing certain protections

Low hour contracts like 19th Century hiring fairs

19 Jan The Minister of State for Business and Employment has compared precarious employment contracts known as "if and when" contracts to casual labour 19th century hiring fairs and the Dublin Docks of the 1950s.