GreeK PM Alexis Tsipras has brought in tough fiscal reforms which have led to new deal with the IMF and the EU

Eurozone agrees debt deal with Greece, IMF

20.54 Eurozone governments have offered Greece debt relief in 2018, but left key details for later in a bid to bridge Germany's view that no immediate action was needed and the International Monetary Fund's call for decisions now.

Maxol says it is investing €2m in the expansion

50 jobs promised by Maxol in Mayo

24 May The Maxol fuel company has said it will create 50 jobs in Mayo, with the opening of two new retail locations in Westport and Castlebar.

Mark Carney said there was no political bias at the Bank of England

Bank of England chief defends Brexit comments

24 May Bank of England boss Mark Carney has denied accusations of giving out Treasury Brexit "propaganda" and said it was his job to "come straight with the British people" over the risks.

Last year the previous government made a pledge to increase public and private investment in research to 2.5% by 2020

Department warns of research funding challenge

23 May The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has warned that it faces a significant challenge in sustaining funding for programmes aimed at driving research and innovation within firms based in Ireland if the capital allocation for such programmes is not increased.

IMPACT's General Secretary Shay Cody called for an acceleration of the pace of pay restoration

IMPACT call for acceleration of pay restoration

19 May The country's biggest public service union, IMPACT, has called for an acceleration of the pace of pay restoration, following the cuts to worker's salaries and conditions imposed since 2009.

Danger of a minority government avoiding difficult decisions is very real, according to Ibec

Ibec says Programme for Govt 'lacks ambition'

18 May Ibec has said the Programme for Government lacks ambition in its plans for infrastructure investment, saying the Government ought to push for a relaxation of EU rules to allow a higher level of capital spending.

Fears 'backpacker labour' will be hit by income tax changes

Australia to review planned 'backpacker tax' hike

17 May Australia will review a planned tax increase for foreign travellers who work in the country, following complaints from farmers that their supply of "backpacker labour" at harvest times may dry up.

The transatlantic trade deal would be the biggest agreement in history

Commissioner says TTIP talks 'transparent'

13 May European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has told RTÉ News there is "no trade negotiation in the world" as transparent as the EU-US talks currently under way.

The ESRI study aimed to find out how many additional variables it takes to confuse consumers, prompting them to make the wrong purchase

Blog - ESRI shows customers bamboozled by choice

12 May It is critical that regulatory bodies make use of a new ESRI study to ensure consumers are not bamboozled into overpaying or making the wrong purchase, writes Business Editor David Murphy.

A vacant urban railway station is pictured in Athens on day one of the 48-hour strike

Greeks strike as new tax, pension reforms loom

06 May Greeks started a 48-hour nationwide strike today in anger at tax and pension reforms pursued by the indebted nation under terms of a multi-billion euro bailout it signed up to last year.