Sylvia Roche Kelly, who was 33, was murdered in December 2007

Decision reserved in damages action over murder

27 Nov The High Court has reserved its decision in the action being taken by Lorcan Roche Kelly on behalf of his children against the gardaí for damages after his wife was murdered by a man freed on bail.

The judge had previously refused a settlement offer of €25,000 made on behalf of Smyths

Boy sues Smyths Toys over trampoline accident

26 Nov A seven-year-old boy, whose right leg was broken while he was bouncing on a trampoline at his home, has been awarded €35,000 damages in a Circuit Civil Court case against Smyths Toys.

The Brother giving evidence exercised his right to remain anonymous

Brother denies sexual abuse allegations

27 Nov A De La Salle Brother who held senior positions at a residential home in Co Down has been giving evidence to Northern Ireland's Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

Michael Brown was shot dead in August

Jury heard new details on Ferguson shooting

25 Nov Black teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by policeman Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, after an altercation at the side of the officer's car, a prosecutor said last night.