A new training programme for recruits is due to begin in the next two weeks

Garda recruits to be more 'accountable'

27 Aug The officer in charge of the Garda College has said she would like to think that there was no "blue wall" in the gardaí and that Templemore would produce good officers to police modern Ireland.

The baby can be brought to the UK where she will be looked after by her father

Court approves transfer of baby to UK

26 Aug The High Court has cleared the way for a seven-month-old baby, born to a woman with several psychological disorders, to be taken to the UK to ultimately be cared for by her father.

Michael McKevitt was jailed for 20 years in 2003 for directing terrorism and membership the Real IRA

McKevitt judgment adjourned for one week

25 Aug A legal challenge against the alleged failure of the Minister for Justice to release convicted IRA leader Michael McKevitt, under a scheme of enhanced remission of sentence, has been adjourned for a week.

Eddie Ryan was jailed in 2010 after pleading guilty to possession of a high-powered firearm and ammunition

Warrant ordered for re-arrest of Limerick man

22 Aug A warrant has been ordered for the re-arrest of Limerick criminal Eddie Ryan Junior following a Supreme Court ruling that he was not entitled to early release under Article 40 of the Constitution.

Protesters stepped up their demands that the local criminal inquiry be turned over to a special prosecutor

US attorney general visits Ferguson

21 Aug US Attorney General Eric Holder has met with community members in Ferguson, Missouri, and vowed a thorough civil rights inquiry into the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager that has set off 12 nights of racially charged protests.

Michael McKevitt's lawyers argue he is entitled to enhanced remission

McKevitt judgment reserved pending separate ruling

20 Aug The High Court will not give its judgment on whether or not convicted Real IRA prisoner Michael McKevitt should be released from prison until after the Supreme Court has dealt with a separate remission-related case.