Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he felt 'strong anger' at the latest hostage

Japanese PM condemns latest IS hostage video

08.46 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has described as "despicable" a new video appearing to show Islamic State hostage Kenji Goto saying he had 24 hours to live unless Jordan released a would-be suicide bomber.

A video surfaced yesterday claiming Haruna Yukawa had been executed

IS confirms Japanese hostage execution

25 Jan The Islamic State group has confirmed its militants have executed Haruna Yukawa, one of two Japanese it has been holding hostage, following the release of a video announcing his death.

Islamic State militants were demanding $200m for the release of Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

No word from extremists holding Japanese hostages

23 Jan Japan has said it is still trying to secure the release of two hostages held by Islamic State militants after a deadline to pay ransom for their release passed and there was no immediate word on their fate.

OSCE, the pan-European security group, is charged with observing the conflict in Ukraine

30 dead after rocket attacks in Ukraine

24 Jan The OSCE has denounced as "disgraceful" rocket strikes on a Ukrainian government-held port in Mariupol that killed 30 people shortly before pro-Russian insurgents announced the launch of a major new assault.

Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa are being held hostage by IS

Japan's PM rejects IS demand for hostage ransom

20 Jan Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to stand firm after the Islamic State group threatened to kill two Japanese nationals, saying he would not freeze a multi-million dollar aid package.

The meeting comes after the recent attacks in France and Belgium

EU discusses response to terror attacks

19 Jan EU foreign ministers have discussed setting up a new network of European security agents abroad as they seek a united response to the threat from militant Islamists following the recent attacks in Paris.

Locals search the remains of their homes which were reportedly damaged by shelling in Donetsk

Separatists renew attacks on Ukrainian forces

19 Jan Pro-Russian separatists have renewed attacks on Ukrainian forces at an airport complex in the east, after Kiev launched a mass operation to reclaim lost ground there that Russia called a "strategic mistake".

Boko Haram crossed the border into Cameroon torched houses and left with around 60 people

Boko Haram kidnaps 60 in Cameroon

18 Jan Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria have kidnapped at least 60 people during a new attack in northern Cameroon in which some people were killed, police said.

Police commandos ran into a hail of gunfire after trying to gain entry to an apartment in Verviers

Two killed in anti-terror raid in Belgium

15 Jan Belgian police killed two men who opened fire on them during one of about a dozen raids today against a group that was about to launch "terrorist attacks on a grand scale", a federal prosecutor told a news conference this evening.