Militants from Islamic State destroyed a holy site in Mosul said to be the tomb of Jonah

Islamic State blows up 'Jonah's tomb' in Iraq

11.03 Militants from Islamic State have destroyed a holy site in Mosul said to be the tomb of Jonah, famous for being swallowed by a whale in both Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.

A father brings his son for treatment following the attack on the school

18 killed as Gaza violence continues

24 Jul At least 15 people were killed when Israeli fire hit a UN-run school in Gaza, while three more people were shot dead by Israeli soldiers at a demonstration in the occupied West Bank.

Western leaders have complained that rebels have been tampering with vital evidence at the site

Monitors say body parts remain at MH17 crash site

22 Jul International monitors this evening said body parts still lay scattered at eastern Ukraine's unsecured crash site of downed flight MH17, as Dutch experts said they were given 80 fewer corpses than promised by the rebels.

A young boy holds a sign during a demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Kiev

EU plans further sanctions on Russians

22 Jul The European Union has threatened Russia with harsher sanctions over Ukraine that could inflict wider damage on its economy following the downing of a Malaysian airliner, but it delayed action for a few days.

A Palestinian child shouts after Israeli forces shelled her house in Gaza City

Fresh Israeli strikes raise Gaza death toll to 600

22 Jul Israeli strikes have killed at least 13 women and children in Gaza, bringing the death toll to over 600, medics said, as the Israeli army announced the deaths of two more soldiers in the two-week conflict.

Mourners carry four bodies from the Al Astal family during their funeral in Khanyounis refugee camp

More than 100,000 Palestinians displaced in Gaza

21 Jul The UN agency for Palestinian refugees said this evening the number of people seeking refuge at its sites in Gaza to escape a two-week-old Israeli offensive on the enclave has soared to more than 100,000.

Ukraine has ruled out a ceasefire or negotiations before pro-Russian separatists give up their arms

Five killed in Donetsk fighting

21 Jul Fighting broke out near the railway station at the heart of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk in what separatists said was an attempt by government forces to seize back the east Ukrainian city.

Angela Merkel called on Russia to work towards a political solution

Putin and Merkel call for truce in Ukraine

18 Jul Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a ceasefire between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations.