The communications regulator has said his office is planning a project later this year to measure broadband speeds around the country. 

Speaking at the Huawei Broadband Forum 2014 in Dublin, Kevin O'Brien said ComReg would be seeking to establish a panel to conduct speed measurement trials. 

An ongoing bugbear of consumers is that actual broadband speed is often not as fast as what is advertised by their internet service provider. 

However, Mr O'Brien said the planned project would bring greater transparency to the Irish marketplace when it comes to speed. 

Mr O'Brien also spoke about ComReg's concerns about the terms of the European Commission's approval of the takeover of O2 by Three Ireland. 

He said ComReg would watch with interest the impact of the proposed remedies, which he said he hopes will work and maintain a certain competitive level for Irish consumers. 

Mr O'Brien also addressed the debate about net-neutrality, saying the current European framework strikes a balance on the issue. 

He said a new proposed European regulation on telecoms does address the matter of specialised services, which require prioritised access to the internet. But he predicted that the debate is one that will go on and on. 

He added that, from a regulatory point of view, transparency and choice are key when it comes to ensuring an open internet.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of Huawei told the forum that public-private partnerships are the most effective model when it comes to implementing a national broadband network. 

He also urged governments to formulate reasonable standards and policies to ensure the sector can collaborate and work together on rolling out the latest network infrastructure at an affordable cost.