Eddie Downey announced his resignation yesterday

IFA gets go-ahead to elect new president

12.43 The Executive Council of the Irish Farmers' Association has given the go-ahead for the election of a new president, following last night's resignation of Eddie Downey.

Verdicts of death by drowning were returned at the inquest into the deaths of the brothers

State testing of boat emergency systems urged

05 Nov The jury at the inquest into the deaths of three brothers who drowned while fishing in 2013 have recommended that a State system be put in place to test emergency signalling devices.

The Guardian has conducted a seven-year investigation into the Irish prawn and whitefish sector

Problems for migrant fishermen 'an open secret'

03 Nov A journalist who worked on a Guardian newspaper report about abuse of migrant workers has said it has been an "open secret" that there were problems for migrant workers in the Irish fishing industry.

Simon Coveney has said a special garda unit has been investigating human trafficking allegations in the fishing industry

Fishermen trafficking claims 'a real concern'

02 Nov Minister for Agriculture, Food, the Marine and Defence, Simon Coveney, has described reports of the trafficking and exploitation of African and Asian workers in the Irish fishing industry as being of real concern.

The scheme aims to incentivise earlier intergenerational transfers of farms

Scheme to encourage farm transfers

13 Oct A new initiative to encourage farmers to begin the process of transferring their farms to a younger generation has been included in the Budget.

Since BSE was first identified in Britain in 1986, strict controls have tempered the spread of the disease

Welsh government reports 'mad cow' case

01 Oct The Welsh government said a dead cow on a farm in Wales had been confirmed as having mad cow disease, but said it had not entered the food chain and there was no risk to human health.

Farmers are worried about the potential for a further collapse in milk prices

Income levels top farmers' concerns

22 Sep Income levels are the primary source of concern for farmers, according to the Irish Farmers' Association and the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association.