The British team spent ten months studying the ways cows talked to their young

Cows use individual calls to calves

17 Dec Cows and their calves communicate using calls that are individualised in a similar way to human names, scientists have discovered.

Simon Coveney said the talks will be an uphill task given the scale of the whitefish cuts being proposed

Coveney rejects drastic cuts to fish quotas

14 Dec Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney has expressed concern at the threat to Ireland's whitefish fleet, ahead of the upcoming EU fisheries negotiations in Brussels.

Dairy incomes are forecast to fall by 50% next year

Farmers call on Hogan to increase milk price

03 Dec Dairy farmers have called on European Union Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan to significantly increase the EU intervention price for milk to avert a major crisis for rural Ireland next year.

Japanese whalers on board the Nisshin Maru clean a minke whale in the Southern Ocean off Antartica in 2000

Opposition to Japanese whaling 'eco-imperialism'

26 Nov Opposition to Japan's whaling programme is a kind of "eco-imperialism" that imposes one value system on another and is based on emotion, not science, Japan's top whaling official said this morning.

Commissioner Phil Hogan said it was important that beef farmers 'survived'

Hogan says processors driving down beef prices

18 Nov European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan has accused supermarkets and meat processors in Ireland of "squeezing" farmers and driving down the price of beef because of their dominant market position.

Farmers say they will accept nothing short of a significant increase in price for their animals

Simon Coveney chairing Beef Forum

12 Nov The fourth meeting of the Beef Forum chaired by Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney is now under way at the Department of Agriculture Laboratory Complex in Co Kildare.

Minister Simon Coveney said a comprehensive list of key actions had been agreed

Deal reached at marathon Beef Forum meeting

13 Nov Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has said a template for the future of the beef sector has been agreed between farmers and processors that the whole sector can support.

Farmers protested outside 14 meat factories around the country

Coveney says Beef Forum can deliver progress

11 Nov The 48-hour nationwide protest by farmers at meat factories has ended with farmers vowing to return to the factory gates if the prices they receive for their animals do not increase.

Beef farmers are angry that no movement on prices has occurred since a Beef Forum agreement

Beef farmers to escalate action over prices

03 Nov The executive council of the Irish Farmers' Association has given the go-ahead for a further escalation of action against beef factories unless the prices farmers receive for cattle increase over the coming days.