The British parents arrested for taking their ill son Ashya King from hospital have been freed from jail in Spain.

It comes after a Spanish court ordered the immediate release of Brett and Naghemeh King.

They were separated from their son Ashya who has a brain tumour on Saturday, following a two-day cross-border manhunt.

It was initiated after they ignored medical advice and removed him from a hospital in Southampton and took him to Spain.

Leaving the prison in north of Madrid, Mr King told reporters that they were looking forward to seeing their son.

"We'll go as soon as possible to see my son. We have been dying to see his face for so long."

There has been widespread condemnation in the British media of the police's pursuit of the couple.

Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had said today that it was taking steps to withdraw the European arrest warrant for the couple.

"No further action will be taken against Mr and Mrs King and we are now in the process of communicating this decision to the Spanish Authorities so that they can be reunited with their son as soon as possible," the CPS said today.          

Mr King had said in a video posted on YouTube that he pulled his son out of hospital because he was not satisfied with the care the boy was receiving.

He said he wanted to seek different treatments abroad that were not offered by the NHS.