A convicted criminal has told the Special Criminal Court that he was offered €20,000 to take part in the murder of Steve Collins, the father of Roy Collins who was shot dead in Limerick five years ago 

Gareth Collins testified that he told the two Limerick men on trial for the murder of Roy Collins that he refused to drive the getaway car and did not want anything to do with it.

The 31-year-old told the Special Criminal Court that since the age of 17 he hung around with Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen.

He gave evidence that he shared a cell with Wayne Dundon in Cork prison in April 2004 and that on the night the 35-year-old was sentenced to ten years in prison, he was in a cell with him as he spoke to his wife on a mobile phone.

Collins said that Wayne Dundon was crying and upset during the conversation and told him afterwards he had promised his wife that he would not let Steve Collins get away with him being in jail.

Gareth Collins said both Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen tried on a number of occasions to get him to drive the getaway car to, as he put it, "whack" Steve Collins.  

However, he insisted he told them he wanted nothing to do with it even though he said he was offered €20,000.

He said Wayne Dundon spoke to him on a mobile phone from his cell in prison, threatened him and tried to force him to do it but he refused.

He also testified that on the day Roy Collins was shot dead he saw Nathan Killeen and another man, James Dillon, running up the road being chased by two detectives and a short time later being led away in handcuffs.

Steve Collins earlier told the court that he spoke with and comforted his son before he died.

Roy Collins was shot in the chest at the Coin Castle Amusements on 9 April 2009.

His father Steve Collins said his son told him how much he loved him and his mother but could not tell him who had shot him.

35-year-old Wayne Dundon of Lenihan Avenue and 23-year-old Nathan Killeen from Hyde Road have pleaded not guilty to the murder.

Roy Collins died in hospital after being shot at the amusement arcade at the Roxboro Road Shopping Centre.

His father told the court he ran in from the pub he owned next door when he heard that someone had been hurt and said he saw Roy Collins crouched on his knees.

He said his son was holding himself and having difficulty breathing and there was a bullet on the ground

As they waited together for the emergency services, Steve Collins said his son told him how much he loved him and his mother.

Mr Collins said he comforted his son and told him not to talk to conserve energy.

It is the State's case that Wayne Dundon directed the murder from prison and that Nathan Killeen was the getaway driver.

Both men deny the charge of murder. The trial is continuing at the Special Criminal Court.