Opinion polls show mixed results for Fine Gael

Saturday 19 April 2014 22.12
Both polls reflect the results after the 'Don't Knows' are excluded.
Both polls reflect the results after the 'Don't Knows' are excluded.

Two new polls this weekend show very mixed results for the main Government party.

The Sunday Times/Behaviour & Attitudes poll shows a very sharp drop in support for Fine Gael, although the party fares much better in the Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll.

Labour is still polling in single figures in both surveys.

The Sunday Times/ Behaviour & Attitudes poll shows Fine Gael at 21%, down nine percentage points compared to the previous poll in February.

Labour are unchanged at 9%, Fianna Fáil are up one point to 20%, with Sinn Féin also on 20%, representing a two point increase.

Support for Independents and Others stands at 30%, a six point increase.

Compared to its last poll, also conducted in February, The Sunday Independent/Millward Brown findings show support for Fine Gael has increased two points to 29%.

Labour stands at 6%, a fall of two points.

Fianna Fáil is up one point to 22%.

Support for Sinn Féin is down two points to 20% while Independents and Others are up one point to 23%.

Both polls reflect the results after the ‘Don't Knows’ are excluded. In the Sunday Times poll they stand at 24% and at 34% in the Sunday Independent poll.

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