McDowell addresses Barron Report committee

Thursday 27 January 2005 14.08
Michael McDowell - Comments on 1972-3 bombings
Michael McDowell - Comments on 1972-3 bombings

The Minister for Justice has said the Government is concerned that those investigating bombings in this State between 1972 and 1973 did not get as much co-operation as they needed from the British authorities.

Michael McDowell was speaking at the Oireachtas Committee considering the second Barron Report.

Mr McDowell also said he will open up previously unavailable files on the bombings to the Justice for the Forgotten group if it gets a trained researcher to look at them.

Mr McDowell also gave details of money spent by the Remembrance Commission, which compensates victims of bombings in the 1970s.

To date the commission, which has a budget of €9 million, has paid out €2.3 million to those affected by the violence.