Submission Form

Copy Submissions

Submissions can be provided in script and/or mp3 or low res mpeg format (Quicktime/Windows Media Player).
Although preliminary approval can be provided at script level it is important to note that in all cases final approval is entirely dependent upon approval being given to copy planned for transmission.

When submitting copy on behalf of an advertiser/agency, please remember the following:

  • The Clearance Submission PDF Form must be filled in using Adobe 8.0 or higher. Forms filled in using Adobe 7.0 or lower cannot be processed by the system.
  • Copy filenames cannot include the characters: & # % ~
  • Each submission can contain a maximum of 4 pieces of copy.
  • Documents containing scripts must only contain one script each (i.e. 1 script per Word document)
  • Links to websites containing mpegs cannot be processed. Low res mpegs are required to be emailed as attachments.
  • In the 'Agency Details' section of the form please ensure your email address is typed in correctly as this is the email address the system will use for all correspondence regarding your case
  • For every piece of copy that you submit, you must fill in details in the Copy Details section of the submission form (even if all attached pieces of copy are just different versions of the same ad)
  • If you receive a final decision about your submission (i.e. Approved, Approved with Restriction, etc.) then your case has been closed. If a previously submitted commercial has later been amended it must be treated as new submission and you will need to email a new Clearance Submission form attaching the revised copy. Please do not include the original case number in the subject line.

Download the Copy Clearance Submission Form here

For a step-by-step guide on submitting copy, please click here


Double Date with Clearance

RTÉ Copy Clearance ran an ad campaign to remind its clients of the copy clearance procedures.
Click here to view (PDF 532Kb)