RTÉ Copy Clearance

General Information

Prior to going to air, all Radio and Television advertisements must first be cleared for broadcast by RTÉ's internal Copy Clearance Committee who consider both the verbal and visual content of the commercial along with its suitability for broadcast and it's compliance with all existing Legal and Industry Codes for advertising as well as RTÉ's own internal guidelines.

The Copy Clearance Committee meetings are held each Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Copy requiring clearance should be sent as early as possible prior to the scheduled meetings and in sufficient time ahead of transmission.

Unless copy requires additional in-depth consultation, the standard return response to a Clearance Submission is on the Tuesday and Thursday following the submission being reviewed. Any claims contained within a submission must be capable of substantiation.
The Clearance procedure can be greatly facilitated if such substantiation accompanies an initial submission.

Any restrictions indicated above must be included on copy instructions to the relevant Traffic Departments in Radio and Television. Script approval should not be interpreted to imply the commercial is approved for broadcast. Final approval can only be given to the finished commercial which is subject to RTÉ's Terms and Conditions of Trade

Compliance with all broadcast codes and relevant regulatory authority mandatories is also required.