Children/Toys & Games Fixed AB Prices in TRTÉ


Audience July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Children €11.00 €11.00 €21.00 €23.00 €23.00 €14.00
Toys & Games €25.00 €34.00 €38.00 €15.00


Terms & Conditions

  • No Discounts will apply to Children's or Toys & Games Prices
  • Any budgets spent against the Children's Audience will be included when calculating the Graduated Expenditure Discount applicable to other audiences for the same client.
  • Toys & Games Fixed AB prices are available for Toys and Games advertisers for breaks in children's programmes on RTÉ Two between the following times:
  • - Mon to Fri up to 17:30
    - Sat & Sun up to 13:00
  • In relation to Toys & Games ONLY, RTÉ will transmit up to 6 toys in any one break and will adopt a "no clash" clashing policy.