15 x 5"
Young People's


A brand new comedy entertainment show featuring RTÉ children's entertainer Reuben Evans.

Each episode features 2-4 young children who've become bored while stuck in a dull place - the back of a car, a doctor's waiting room, a departure lounge, wherever. While moaning about their predicament, one of them says the words "I'm bored..." and with that Reuben, hearing their call from afar, somehow manages to locate the kids and come to their rescue.

Reuben challenges the children to create zany ideas and games with only what they can find around them and, in no time, everything is transformed into a place of fun and imagination.

The episodes end when, having taught the kids the 'Neverbored' dance, Reuben departs leaving them with the skills and creativity to entertain themselves in future.

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