RTÉ One, Thursday 5th September, 10.15pm


Trivia returns for a second series with the unique Lawrence (David Pearse) all set to move in with his girlfriend Molly (Janet Moran).

She is training to be a paramedic and he is charged with keeping the clan afloat until she qualifies. Literally on his way to complete his move-in with Molly, Lawrence finds that he's unemployed and that The Plan is in tatters.

Lost in shock and panic, he doesn't tell her his news at the first opportunity and thereafter finds it impossible to come clean despite the advice of best friend Adam (Keith McErlean) to do so.

To make matters worse Lawrence finds himself tempted back to the pub quiz scene – which he hasn't attended the since he promised Molly that he'd never go again. Still – what's one more little deception?

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