Tommy Bowe, The Science of Me

1 x 52"


Tommy Bowe, The Science of Me takes Irish international rugby player Tommy Bowe on a powerful journey which will see him tested to his limits to uncover what makes an elite sportsman.

A major sports science documentary, it will give an observational look at a top athlete's life, married with cutting edge sports science experiments. Tommy's own innate curiosity about the science of his own body will drive the narrative as we explore the science of extreme physicality and the research and breakthroughs surrounding it.

Numerous factors—genetic, psychological as well as physiological go into making a super performer. In this programme Tommy sets out to see if it is possible to identify one characteristic as being the most important. Using a mix of CGI, stunts, expert interviews and observations in science labs, this programme promises to build a unique and fascinating portrait of a top athlete and the incredible science of the human body.

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