The Fall



The Fall is a gripping investigative drama series, that in this first five part miniseries, follows the lives of two hunters within one story.

The first hunter is the highly driven DSI Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson. The other is a serial predator, preying on the lives of people at random across Belfast in Northern Ireland. Gibson arrives from England in pursuit. Drafted in by superiors under increasing pressure to come clean on what they know, the truth is that while they have hunted down terrorists, they have never had experience of a serial killer. Gibson has. While she senses hostility as an outsider brought in to run the team, she brings with her the knowledge of how serial predators stay in the shadows and exactly where to look to find them.

But this isn't a whodunit. Rather, a will-they-stop-him? Radically, the killer is identified to the audience from the start and the drama will increase in intensity by playing out the cat and mouse game from both sides. The impressive cast includes Emmy Award winner Archie Penjabi ('The Good Wife'), John Lynch ('Sliding Doors'), Simon Delaney ('Father & Son'), Laura Donnelly ('Merlin'), Stuart Graham ('Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'), Michael McElhatton ('Perrier's Bounty') and Ian McElhinney ('Game of Thrones').

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