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This popular strand returns with a new series, looking back at more of the scandals that shocked, outraged, amused and incited the nation.

Scannal - Sex And The Intern
January 1998, in a momentous coast to coast TV address, the President of the United States Bill Clinton denied a sexual affair with a White House intern: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman....Ms Lewinsky."
Scannal revisits the story that dominated world headlines and casts new light on this sexual scandal which rocked the American political system to the core.
Reporter Pádraig O'Driscoll meets some of the key Washington players in this story who speak for the first time on Irish television about the scandal and their involvement in the unfolding events.

Scannal - Mature Recollection
Mature Recollection recalls the dramatic events of the 1990 presidential election in which Fianna Fáil's candidate Tánaiste and Minister for Defence, Brian Lenihan Senior, was seemingly unbeatable.
But Brian Lenihan got himself into trouble when he denied having made certain phone calls to Áras an Uachtaráin in January 1982. What was really going on behind the scenes? Was Lenihan the victim of a carefully orchestrated Fine Gael ambush? Who was really telling the truth about phone calls to the Áras in January 1982?
For the first time on Irish television, Scannal reveals the official log kept by the army officer who took all phone calls to Áras an Uachtaráin on that fateful night in 1982, a document that resolves, once and for all, one of the great political mysteries of recent decades.

Scannal - The Battle On O'Connell Street
Cars ablaze, shops looted, petrol bombs, running street battles – this wasn't Beirut or Baghdad but Dublin city centre on a bright spring Saturday in February 2006.
Scannal looks back at the "Love Ulster" Riots with eyewitness accounts from journalists and bystanders who witnessed the mayhem. Contributions come from journalists Póilín Ní Chiaráín, Colm Ó Mongáin, Michael O'Toole and Sorcha Ní Riada as well as Dublin-Central TD - Joe Costello.

Scannal - Gibraltar
On March 6th 1988, three unarmed IRA members were shot dead by the British SAS. They were suspected of being in the process of organising a bomb attack on the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Governor's residence in Gibraltar.
Scannal examines the Gibraltar killings; the political background that framed the reactions of the both the Irish and British Governments; the strained relationships between media and Government and how nearly 25 years later the fallout from this incident framed the narrative of the Northern Ireland conflict.

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